Never in my life, I had believed I would write something on minimalism.


As a child, I think I was a minimalist, because we didn’t buy any extra clothes and bought only once a year. We used these clothes to wear when we went out, then used it for home wear – then as pajamas if they were comfortable kind and then donated them.

I know some people who use their old outfits as much as they can. I never liked this because I thought new is fashionable and old is unfashionable. But now I understand how senseless I was and how that thought was so unsustainable. Now, I appreciate and look up to these people.

Before going to the why stuff let me share with you this post is more for me than you. It’s for me to understand why and read through when I fall in to the trap of shopping for happiness and more.

Shopping gives me happiness. I have been a crazy shopper and frankly I still love it but I am aspiring to gain control over this. Someday I want to take the 10x10summer challenge or the 333 challenge. There is some sort of sureity in mind on this but  for now I am trying to get ready on why I should be doing this.

  1. Save money:

I am a house wife blogging and earning some money but I am fully dependent on my husband for all my expenses. No, I am not ashamed of this fact like some girls would because I am at home bringing up a toddler and I want to be around him while he is growing up #mychocie. Coming to the expenses – While I am ok spending my husband’s money, I don’t want to over burden him by buying unnecessary things. And even if one is independent it’s always good to save some money by not spending on unnecessary things.

  1. Sustainable:

When I choose to be a minimalist, I automatically choose a sustainable lifestyle to some extent. I use the things I have with a lot of care and use it completely which will reduce a lot of wastage too.

  1. Informed decisions:

I take informed decisions and just don’t splurge. My choices will be narrow because my needs would be limited. I would take the best decisions considering a lot of things.

  1. Too much is confusing:

I have gone through the not repeating clothes funda terribly. I have had n number of clothes but still didn’t understand what to wear. The less of clothes makes me more creative and I try to use the clothes that I have and more importantly proudly repeat clothes.

  1. Happiness comes from within:

I am no more dependent on shopping to make me feel happy. creatively using my current clothes will bring in happiness. I am no more jealous of people who never repeat clothes – in fact now I feel what a waste ??

  1. More space:

Minimalism helps me declutter and buy less and that gives me a lot of free space both mentally and physically. It’s beautiful to live in a clutter free house. I always hated too many things. This empty space brings in positivity and good vibes which is healing.

  1. I will have my own style statement

Now that I will no longer keep buying stuff, I won’t be following the trend. Really? Not at all!! I will be having my own style statement. I know it will take time but I am sure I would be able to do it. People will then appreciate me for the creativity.

  1. Destressed:

    Minimalism will help me destress. It will help me concentrate on healthier and more valuable things in life. In short, I will be sorted. I will have a lot of free time because my cleaning time will reduce.

I know this post has become more about minimalizing on clothes but I was never in to buying of too much of other stuff. But that doesn’t mean I have never bought. I have and I am trying to declutter as much as possible. Decluttering is the best form of meditation. It gives you inner happiness.