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What keeps me going as a mother? (Mother’s Day Special)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the feelings shared are my own. 


Until I became a mom myself, Mother’s Day was just about gifting my mother something and nothing more than that.

Now that I am a mother for almost 2 years now, I have realised that motherhood is a real job and nothing in the world can pay for it. Mother’s Day is just a way to make all the mothers very special and not just about gifting things and celebrating. There is so much more to a being a mother.

Pregnancy brings in motherhood. That motherly feeling came to me as soon as I conceived. I enjoyed it thoroughly through my pregnancy.

The real mommy experience came in when I delivered my little boy. And, Oh Man! It’s not easy at all, but a mom still gets going.

follow url I have a list of things to do in my head but I do nothing and sit besides my son and play with him. I haven’t deep cleaned my house for 21 months now. Yes, normal cleaning keeps going. I feel I have to do so much in life but I am just stuck but I still keep going. Why?

What is that lets a mommy keep going in spite of all the odds.

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1. Morning cuddles and smiles:

When he wakes up calling mumma/ papa, the happiness is very different. There are days when we are sleepy, and we are like “beta soja”. But most days he makes us feel beautiful with his overloaded cuteness.

2. The twinkling eyes when I breastfeed:

Those eyes when I breastfeed him has a different spark. This is one thing that keeps me going to breastfeed him at 21 months old too. I am very happy about it except on our bad days when he does not want anything in the world but only wants to be breastfed. But let me share those bad days have almost gone now, and he hardly does this now.

3. Those kiss and hugs:

Who doesn’t like kisses and hugs? And when it’s from a little munchkin, it’s all the more sweeter. Those lip to lip kisses makes my day especially when I am having a hard day.

4. Memories that we collect:

Witnessing his milestones is a pleasure to the eyes. Making memories with my little boy has been my favourite thing. Recently we were twining in our tees from buy provigil online from canada BonOrganik. When I look back at the videos and pictures, it’s fun. Now even he enjoys seeing his videos.

5. Virtual moms:

It’s not only this little man who has helped me kept going, but there are many other people too. These virtual mommy friends have been the most important part of my life. They are there to hear me out whenever needed, and they are there to solve my problems in seconds. So yes, they have helped me keep going.

6. How badly I wanted him:

This is the most important thing that fights all the odds. How badly I wanted him. I have waited for 22 months to conceive him and that time wasn’t easy but I passed through that and I know this will also pass to soon (read bad days).

Likewise, there are so many small little things each day that brings a smile on my face and help me keep going. Mothering is tough but it is beautiful.

I am sure you would agree to me if you are a mom. 

What keeps you going as a mom?


13 thoughts on “What keeps me going as a mother? (Mother’s Day Special)

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  2. Mothers have a great role play in the kids growth. And definitely the idea of getting an innocent hug or kiss from little one is always special. Thanks for sharing a beautiful writeup. Being a father I too feel something on the lines you mentioned, but definitely can’t be just that of a mother. 🙂

  3. Lovely post , could connect with it.Their innocent smile . Hugs n kisses makes my world and keeps me going inspite of few odds

  4. You made me nostalgic! My kids love being cuddled even today. I can completely relate to your feelings.

  5. That pet one liner of parents that Youll know when you ll become parents is just soooo true man.. now I realise it.. I’m def throwing this liner at my babies too when they grow up hahah
    and such beautiful mommy feelings thr, I got carried away :*

  6. Virtual Moms!! There!! The most underrated of the things that keep us going. When nuclear family setups are on the rise, friendships go down as we be more with the kids. Virtual friends are indeed a savior!

  7. i so agree. it’s these little things that keep us mothers sane and keeps us driving. i love the cuddles which we have in the beginning and end of the day

  8. Motherhood is something we relish throughout the life. Loved your post and hug for you and your little one.

  9. Seriously motherhood change me a lot, two cutie never let me sad or bored. Because I do not have time to get bored. Their activities keep me busy whole day

  10. What you have said is so true. You don’t realize the value of Mothers Day till you become a mother. Lovely post.

  11. Thats a beautifully written post. Hugs and kisses from our little ones are a great source if energy. It definitely works like magic

  12. Amazing and informative post. Mother plays an important role in the chlid’s growth and development. Happy Mother’s Day! Great thought.

  13. The morning cuddles and the kisses and hugs are definitely my motivation factors as well.:)

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