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Ways my husband pampered me during pregnancy I had a beautiful pregnancy and loved each day. I had a very good support system all throughout pregnancy and one of the strongest support was my husband – the dadddy to be.

There was this one experience in my pregnancy where I was hospitalised due to some minor bleeding episode.

here My husband had been out of station with my cousin and I was in my routine life working as a teacher in a school. We had our sports day and I was compering for the event. Those days were super busy. In between this I saw some spotting, but didn’t pay any attention and continued working, retuned home. In the night I had very minor stomach ache and I was worried as I had conceived with much difficulty but still went to work and continued working when again with in an hour I saw some spotting and I was terrified. I shared this with one of my colleague and she immediately asked me to leave and visit the doctor.

I left to visit the doctor. The doctor did his check up and asked me to take bed rest for three days. I called my husband and informed him everything. He left immediately and without taking any break in his car journey he reached me in some hours. After which, he took utmost care of me and felt extremely bad that he had left me alone in this beautiful phase of life.

I can never forget this immense love from him. Likewise, there are many other things he did to take care of me.


  1. He is not a person who would be interested in attending parenting courses. But he did for me and thankfully he does apply his learning from there today.


  1. We have a very busy life where both of us give ample space to each other and hardly call each other during the day. But all throughout pregnancy he called or messaged me everyday just to ask how I was feeling.


  1. Although being a no walk person, he took walks with me. I still cherish the memories of those walks we took each night.


  1. I had back pain during the last days of my pregnancy. He became my sleeping pillow and comforted me as much as possible. Before bed, he massaged my back and tried to remove stress and tension.


  1. He cannot cook much of food. But once in a while he made sandwiches for me. Got me food as demanded. This is a never forgettable experience.


  1. He agreed to my demand of keeping extra maids as I didn’t want any mental stress of house chores. Inspite of this I was very active physically till the last days of my pregnancy.


In short, I would say he was a perfect daddy to be to this mommy to be. We enjoyed this time together making beautiful memories.


A husband’s support can really make the journey toward parenthood easier. If you want to learn how to support your wife, read what the maternity experts at Sitaram Bhartia say in 5 Gentle Ways to Take Care of Your Pregnant Wife’.

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27 thoughts on “Ways my husband pampered me during pregnancy

  1. Its true dear A husband’s support can really make the all the journey of life is smooth to smoother…

    1. I know true… when both of us are together the journey becomes beautiful

  2. Truly amazing not everyone is lucky but yes it really needs a supportive husband.

    1. Yes true Veena…. I thanks God to bless me with such a sweet heart

  3. How awesome and go bless such a beautiful bonding

    1. Yes God bless us and our bond

  4. These are some really easy ways to show a pregnant wife some love and care…awesome!

    1. I know and we made beautiful memories too with it

  5. God bless, this article is so romantic and caring

    1. Thanks Shaila. Thankfully my husband made it that way

  6. Wow.. God bless u n ur family.. Ur bond stays together forever

    1. Thanks. Stay blessed u too

  7. I love this article so sweet and romantic. Couples really need the support of each other every time, To have a romantic and wonderful bonding.

    1. Thanks lovely. N yes partners support is a must

  8. Lovely post! Happy to know you both enjoyed your pregnancy together. If the Dad to be pampers the wife then it leaves a positive impact on Mumma Baby health

    1. True that. I was so happy throughout pregnancy that I wanted it to never end

  9. Very beautiful write up about your pregnancy journey with your beloved husband. Thats really good to know that dad to be take cares a alot his mom to be wife. Husband’s support is must during pregnancy.

    1. Thanks. Thankfully we have such husbands in our society

  10. This is so cute. U have a very supporting husband .

    1. Oh yeah he is too supportive

  11. you are one of those few lucky people who had their husband by their side when they needed them most!! really happy for you!

  12. Pregnancy can be a trying time and love and support from the husband during that time matters a lot. Lucky you, for having such a sweet and caring husband.

    1. Thanks. I am blessed

  13. Lucky you girl. Love this post. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Thanks gal

  14. That is so sweet Jinal. I understand how important it is for the hubby to be there for you throughout the pregnancy. You are lucky , girl!!

  15. I loved the post, keep posting interesting posts. I will be a regular reader…

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