Toddler car safety measures

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Last month, we had been on a trip to Udaipur. This was our first ever long trip with K. We were all excited and geared up. This was going to be a complete road trip but since we had some changes in plan at the end moment we took the flight while going and retuned via road.

Surviving a car journey with a toddler isn’t easy. But, if you are family like ours who loves road trips and vacations, you got to search some way out.

No I am not writing about how we survived the road trip here. Instead I am going to write about one major mistake we did on a trip.

One major mistake that we made on our trip was not carrying the car seat. We didn’t carry a car seat as we travelled by flight one way and felt the car seat would be too bulky to carry. Though, I told daddy we should, but he didn’t agree.

Mistakes do happen by all of us. But the important part is learning from mistakes. I learnt from my experience and you too can learn from my experience.

Though we didn’t take the car seat and highly regret it. I would highly recommend taking the car seat for the following reasons


No matter how safe you drive or how careful you are while driving. Accidents takes place unexpectedly and what if you have your baby in the car. A car seat is the best possible way to protect a child in an accident. The car seats are designed in such a way that it helps babies to be the safest when accidents happen.

You may like to view some videos and read on car seat safety-check here –

baby car seat

Protection and Comfort:

The car seat is the best possible way to be in a natural position when you travel. A baby may want to nap or relax and the best place for this is the car seat. The cushions and soft paddling give them their much-needed comfort.

Keeping the toddler seated:


A toddler just won’t sit at one place in any way, anywhere forget cars. A car seat is of much help when we have toddler, full of energy. A car seat makes them comfortable and seated and everyone around can be at peace. Though to survive the car seat also you will need some snacks and play

Comfort to parents:

As a parent when the baby is in your lap throughout the journey, which is anyway not recommended will lead to aches. With the help of the car seat both the baby and parents are comfortable.

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39 thoughts on “Toddler car safety measures”

  1. So agree with your post about car safety measures, carrying a car seat may seem a bit difficult but it comes handy when you have an overactive toddler with you on a long road trip. We never leave our car seat if we know beforehand that we will be traveling long distance by road.

  2. Precautions while traveling with kids is very important.A good car seat is a necessary part of this .Babies specially need to be properly secured.

  3. Travelling with kids is indeed challenging and making sure that we buckle them up is important! My children dont like being stuck to the car seat, but I just dont like the idea of them jumping around in the car!

  4. In my opinion, as much as people are aware of the importance of a car seat, affordability is still an issue in our country. Also, to train your baby to stay in the seat without fuss and cry is a task too. Thanks for writing about a very important subject.

  5. On a recent trip with had to travel by train between 2 places and it was cancelled because of smog. At the last minute w had to book a cab and take an unplanned 7 hours road trip. I know how tough it was to manage without car seat so I agree with your point.

  6. A very required part of every car which has a baby / toddler. We as Indians still look down on the use of a car seat since it is an idea from the West. However safety for our kid should be our foremost concern and you have done a great job bringing that to your readers.

  7. Car seats are an important accessory to be bought for the safety of our kids. This is a detailed post and I would share it with my friends who are even a bit skeptical about whether to buy it or not 🙂

  8. Seats are a must while carrying little Todd’s and this post of yours has given a complete idea about it, thanks for sharing!

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