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Socialising after becoming a Parent If you read my post regularly you might know that I had a beautiful pregnancy. I worked, partied  ( the decent way) till the end of my pregnancy. In fact even four days before delivery I was out socialising with people. Once,I gave birth to my little boy, I was enjoying my motherhood eternally. I loved changing diapers and nappies every hour. Breast feeding was in itself a beautiful experience.

Few days passed by, our friends started calling my husband and me to join them for dinners and outings. But, we were not prepared, we were not sure to leave our baby home with my mother in law. Although I was sure that she would take care of him just the way she did for her sons and daughter.

colchicine .5mg ativan We kept denying and saying no to our friends, but somewhere even I was craving to go and meet people. What made me worried was, is motherhood an end to our personal life? Is it the terminal to my social life? But I gave back an answer to myself, I am not going to allow this to happen. I don’t want motherhood to effect my social life.

Soon, we managed things and started meeting people outside. Although we never said a yes to people saying we would join, but always kept the decision to last minute.

So how did we manage?
  1. We left home once, K slept for the night.
  2. I pumped some milk and kept it in the bottle, so that my mil could feed him in my absence in case he wakes up.
  3. We would keep the meetings short.
  4. We always met friends at a place close to our house.
  5. Once my baby completed 4 months of age, I started taking him along with me wherever I could.
  6. I preferred meetings my friends at someone’s place for the comfort of the baby.
  7. Baby carriers was a huge help to me while I shopped in malls.

How did you socialise after having a baby?

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10 thoughts on “Socialising after becoming a Parent

  1. Motherhood doesn’t have to be the end of the social life. Of course, motherhood adds some difficulties to socialize as we used to before. But with a little preparation we can go out and enjoy our time outside the home too.

  2. Not yet a parent, so I guess will cross the bridge when it comes 🙂

  3. Well not me! Still single but i have seen my friends struggle. They got out and started socializing only after the baby crossed 1 Year. I could sense the feeling of being missed in our regular meet up’s when i used to call them up to know if they are going to make!

  4. With a bit of planning, certainly socializing is possible. Of course, one may not be able to attend each and every event when the baby is still getting the hang of things, but as the baby grows older, there’ll be more time and through it, more socializing.

  5. If one has a strong support system it becomes easy to socialize after having a baby too. I also used to go for late night movies after my daughter would sleep and mil would take care of her. Also, we mostly had house parties so kids could also play with each other, so raising my daughter was not all that tough as I had a lot of support from my mil.

  6. Baby carriers are really a blessing. Well written. 👍

    1. oh tell me about it. I can’t think of a day without it

  7. A great read for the people who think early parenthood might shut down their personal and social life!

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