Road trip with babies : Tips and Tricks

If you have been seeing my Instagram stories,you know I drive with #MrK in the car and now he enjoys the car ride while I can drive peacefully. (hope you follow me on Insta, if not you could follow me here) I am saying this because there was a time when I dreaded car journeys with him as he didn’t like sitting in the car seat and moreover won’t sit in my lap too but wanted to run and jump all over.

When he turned a year old, I started to take short car trips with him which we had completely stop. The first trip after he turned a year was not very easy but wasn’t too difficult since then we continued and now we both enjoy our car trips together around an hour or two all alone too.

So what worked for us? Some Tips and Tricks:

Here is the list of things that worked for us:

  • I keep some toys handy. When he drops one or loses interest it can appear magically from behind the seat and keep entertained for another few minutes.
  • At times, I give him his water bottle, he drinks some water or simply plays with the bottle.
  • Finger food like puffed rice or anything dry also works for us. It keeps him busy and the car also doesn’t get dirty.
  • Our favorite is the rhymes. I have some personally recorded rhymes with some fun sounds in between, I try and sing along while he makes the funny sounds. I can’t think of getting in to the car without our rhymes.

If you plan to go on a long trip:

  • Plan in such a way that the babies nap time comes during the journey. So the baby has a peaceful sleep and you get a good drive.
  • Take breaks at each hour. Your baby needs some stretch.
  • Most important, if you can sit where you can see him face on, I always sit in the back when on a long journey if my husband is driving, it’s easier to keep him entertained then.
  • Be ready to feed, that is if you breastfeed then wear a nursing blouse (It’s easier). If you are formula feeding, be ready with warm water and other required things.

If your baby is smaller and doesn’t turn or crawl, I feel it’s even easier:

  • He will probably sleep most of the way. Feed before you leave. Make sure you check out a stop along route.
  • Sit in the back with him so you can keep an eye on him/entertain him.
  • keep a change of clothes and nappies handy. (what I do is I keep the diaper bag with all the necessary things handy)

P.S It is recommended to use a car seat in the rare facing position and in the back seat.

How do you manage your car rides with babies?



Jinal Gada


21 thoughts on “Road trip with babies : Tips and Tricks”

  1. Wow never had the courage to drive with my little one alone..
    Now I’ll surely try keeping your tips in mind.

    Thanks a ton..

  2. Fabulous tips for moms. Carry handy toys while travelling is great idea for keeping kids bzee and for their entertainment some saved Ryhmes can be good idea. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips.

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