If you see me now, you may not believe what I am going to say further.

I was always a no make-up person.The maximum makeup that I would apply on my face was a sunscreen and a kajal.

Like every other girl even I wanted natural glow on my face. Though no make up but I would do lot of DIY with natural ingredients at home when I was in college for getting that glow on my skin.

These DIYs are time consuming and I couldn’t live with it. Work commitments and household work took all my time post wedding. Now with my son with me it’s all the more difficult.

But we need something that pampers and makes our skin feel good and healthy . I feel Post delivery it becomes all the more important.

I got a little influenced by my friends who are very much into makeup and started applying basic make up too. But I always wanted something natural, something without chemicals and something that would just be for me, my skin.

And I was lucky enough to have found one such brand.

The Ancient Beauty Products does exactly what I wanted since long.

I received this beautiful pack of products from them according to my skin type.

Please note Dr. Deepti (Founder of Ancient Beauty Prodcuts) asked me my skin type before sending in the products and I receieved the products according to my skin type.


About the Brand
The Ancient Beauty range is inspired by the age-old ancient beauty cultures of the world globally & is created from edible ingredients. All products are 100% natural, Eco-friendly & do not contain any artificial colours,chemicals or preservatives.
Here is my take on the products I received:

1. The Ancient Japanese Scrub –

This is truly exfoliating. I felt immediate softness in my skin using this. It’s natural aroma left me refreshing.

2. The Ancient Face Wash –

With T zone being oily, I always faced problem in find that perfect a face wash. This came out to the perfect face wash for my skin.

3. The Ancient Fairness –

I need to use this more often to get real results. But even the instant results were too good. I will try to do this regularly and tell you how effective it is when used regularly.

4. The Ancient Illuminator –

The illuminator added shine to my cheek bones. Now who won’t love this. plus a natural product doing this is more happiness.

5. The Ancient Massage Powder –

This is by far the best one. I hardly do facials bcoz of the chemical based creams. But this is my solution. I tried a home spa with this and my skin felt so good. I felt it was actually breathing fresh. The powder actually turned in to such a nice cream. The rose petals added to the smell.

6. The Ancient Satin Body Scrub –

When your sweaty and dirty you need something really good to cleanse your body. The scrub the work. I felt extremely rejuvenated with the body scrub post each bath.

The products are so easy to use unlike my DIYs where I had to collect all the products mix it and bla bla.

This is just rightly packed for me all ready to use. Just mix in water or milk and taddaa the product is ready.

Subject to change

The products smells natural. One can really feel the naturalness of the product through it’s aroma.

The products came to me in an appealing pack. The Glass bottles made with tight lids make it extremely easy to use.

I have become one of their loyal customers. Shall try on their hair products soonish.

So go ahead girls and grab one pack for you soon. you must try them once and I am sure you will fall in love with them.

You may get in touch with the brand at Facebook, Instagram or twitter.

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