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Review : Figohoney Pocket Diaper and Wet Bag

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Yes, and we need to be careful about our Mother Earth and try and use products that are eco-friendly. What are some eco-friendly products that one can use while raising a baby? I would say many. One among the many is cloth diapers.

price of seroquel in south africa Many brands have taken the initiative of helping moms raising their baby in a gentle and eco-friendly way. One such brand from the cloth diaper is Fig-O-Honey. I got my hands on their pocket diapers and here is my review for the same.

About the brand: 

Fig-O-Honey is a Bangalore based brand that makes eco-friendly cloth diapers in beautiful prints and vibrant colours and is quite a rage among new parents. It was started by Sneha Thakkar, who is an IIT Bombay alumni and worked as a data scientist for over a decade.

Sneha is a mommy to her two little cuties. So, Fig-O-Honey is a brand by a mom for the mom.

Brand claimed features: 

– Includes 1 cloth diaper + 1 absorbent insert
– Suitable for babies from 4.5 kg up to 15 kg
– Adjustable snap buttons for S/M/L sizes
– Waterproof, machine & hand washable, breathable
– Comfortable elastic on the leg sides
– Crossover snap buttons for smaller babies
– Hip snap buttons to prevent wing droop


– Outer printed layer: Polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU
– Inner layer: Soft micro suede that wicks moisture away and keeps the baby’s bottom dry and is stain-resistant.
– Insert: Absorbent 3-layer microfiber



Where to Buy: 

Their website Fig-O-Honey

My experience: 

I have this personal love for cloth diapers. Love the cute bums that these diapers make with their quirky prints. I tried the map print from Fig-O-Honey and loved the print absolutely.


  • It came in two pieces, 1 diaper and 1 insert.
  • The fit was snug and there was no leakage problem.
  • I prepped it with one wash with other clothes in the machine.
  • It soaked very well and worked for good three four hours for my 14 months old.
  • The insert material is buttery soft which gives a lot of comfort to him.
  • The cloth diapers micro suede material kept Mr. K dry and comfortable.
  • The insert and the diaper dried quickly after wash.
  • Reasonably priced.
I didn’t find any con in the product.

source site I would give the diaper a 5/5.

Fig-O-Honey Wet Bag

  • We tried the emoji print wet and dry bag and again loved the colour and print.
  • The fabric used is of high quality and keeps the smelly diapers well without any smell coming out.
  • It has two zips one for the wet diapers and one for dry.
  • It comes in quite a good size which helps especially when the baby is small and we have quite several wet diapers.
  • We have been using it as our swim bag too. So, this bag can be used in a lot of ways when not used as a wet bag.
  • It could have been priced a little less, but the quality is quite good, so I might as well pay for once.

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8 thoughts on “Review : Figohoney Pocket Diaper and Wet Bag

  1. Interesting name for the brand 🙂

  2. Didn’t use cloth diapers but I guess it’s good for environment to use and with so many brands now in market it’s always better choose after reading reviews of mom with first hand experience

  3. Fig-O-Honey is a very unusual name for a diaper brand. Cloth diapers are better, I would agree. Not just from the point of view of eco-friendliness, but also from the child’s. Good to read this.

  4. I have seen my friend use cloth diapers for her baby …I do not recollect the brand name though. I heard from her that they do not cause any kind of rash to the baby.

  5. Kudos to your committment towards the eco-friendly way of life.

  6. Great to see you switching to cloth Jinal. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about this brand of CDs.

  7. Interesting concept! Good to see Eco-friendly initiatives!

  8. My older child was cloth diapered and I know what a blessing it can be.

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