Most moms worry about getting fit and losing weight postpartum. I share my story of fitness here to help you girls.

2003 – 2007 : I have always been a chubby girl. I was always called moti (fat) by my friends in my school days. once I joined college, I knew I must do something but since I am a foodie dieting wasn’t my cup of tea plus I never even thought of it. inspite of this, I still got thin. Now you may imagine How? How? How?

I come from a middle-class family where we were taught to value each penny. My parents never gave me extra money except pocket money. During college days one wants to join friends for movies and a lot of bowling and stuff. I never got money for all such stuff. Whatever little pocket money I got was for me to travel from home to college and classes plus to eat throughout the day.

How do I hang out with my friends when bunking was so much fun? So, what I did was didn’t eat any food or just ate one samosa from a shop which was a friend and my favourite. I ate only when I couldn’t manage my hunger. Thanks to starving I lost a lot of weight.  My tummy was flat but I lost all the glow and looked pathetic. I was still happy because I never looked so thin. Thanks to college, classes and lack of money I maintained this weight for good 3 years. I worked on my glow and looked good in the third year which was my first year of degree college.

2008 : I had grown up. There was a lot of guy looking around, crushes and all such madness. This brought me to my guy for life my husband. There was a lot of outings and eating out, pampering and chocolates and stuff.  Despite gyming I put on all the lost weight. I finished my college and went for a professional teacher course B.Ed I gained maximum at this year. Thanks to long lectures and over stuffing of food. In all this time, I was fighting to lose weight but never lost any.

2009 : I was teaching in a renowned school and everyone at home wanted me to get married but I didn’t want to, only coz I looked fat. I’m sure many of you might have felt so. And so, I had to tell my mum wait for some months. I went to this dietician called Tripti Gupta. And damn she helped me lose all the extra weight and I was all fit, lean before my wedding day. I owe it to her. My in laws never saw me fat and never believed I was fat.

2010 – 2015: After marriage most couples gain weight, but thankfully both of us maintained and remained lean. Damn! over the years I gained weight. At 4 years of my marriage I was back again to my motapa (fatness). By the way major weight gain was thanks to a colleague friend who was supposed to get married. She made me eat all the samosas saying I’m going, when will u eat with me again and stuff. Let me again tell you I was in constant struggle of losing weight over these years too and sometimes I lost sometimes I gained.

Then I had to conceive so I lost all the interest as my major focus was conception. Now after delivery I am back again to my fitness obsession.

2016 – 2017: On my delivery bed, I was 86. When my baby was 9 month old I was 70. I had lost around 16 kgs of weight, which was quite good in 7 months.  Postpartum I knew I had to get back to the lean me. I started working on it when my baby was 50 days old. Clean eating was happening even before post that I started yoga to gain strength. I continued yoga till my baby was 6 months and now I follow my youtube gurus.

Now after a year post delivery, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight which is 66 kgs but yes I still have a lot to loose. Not to forget my target is not only weight, I am writing down weights here because thats something measurable and can be seen but I have gained a lot of strength. My body is tighter to the body before pregnancy thanks to exercising,

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Adding some pictures here for you all to compare.

wedding time

wedding Time

some years post wedding

50 days pp

1 year post delivery


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