My Lullaby to Sleep Train My Baby

The most common question moms would get postpartum is does ur baby sleep in the night? Does he cry?

Thankfully, I had a YES in my answer for the first question. Its a bliss when your baby sleeps well in the night.

Sleep training is of utmost importance as this helps a mom from postparutm depression and a well slept baby is a happy baby. The question is how will you do this?

Remember, that for first two – three months of life a babies sleep is different to ours. they dont understand the difference between day and night. For the first forty days of Ks life, I didn’t bother much. I slept when he slept whether it was day or night.

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Between 5 and 6 months we had formed a good pattern. I kept trying different things to form a pattern and here I list down the things that worked for me.
I started following these when quite early but religiously when he was 3 months old.

Wake Up:

We had a fixed wake up time at 8:30 am. even if he woke up for a feed at 7:45, I would wake him up between 8:30 and 8:45 am. This helped me schedule my day.

Evening Naps:

I avoided his evening naps as far as possible, if I allowed him to take a nap, I would try to keep it short and actually woke him up in half an hour max.

I would avoid diapers in the evening naps only to see him wake up with wet nappies.

Bed time Routine:

We had a set pattern for his night sleep. I would give him a wash, followed by cream massage, play some soft music at the background and feed to sleep.

I followed the night routine everyday without fail and in a month or so, he slept at the same time everyday only to wake up in the morning. Though he did wake up for his feeds. We also kept the lights dim, so that he knows its time to sleep now.

Pattern of the day:

I tried to keep a set pattern for his day. Wake up, play, feed, sleep and repeat.

There were days he wouldn’t sleep in the afternoon, but the baby carrier came to my rescue. I use to take him in the carrier and take some rounds in the house and tadaa maximum 10 mins is what it took for him to sleep.

So basically, I would like to say is there are different ways; keep trying different modes to achieve your best. Let me know in the comments below if any of the above works for you.

Also tell me, How did you sleep train your baby?

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28 thoughts on “My Lullaby to Sleep Train My Baby”

  1. Not something I’d know personally of course, but maybe something some of my friends can relate to. 🙂 Though many I know have had odd sleep patterns because of their baby’s sleep pattern.

  2. Because babies don’t know the concept of time, establishing these patterns for them can be very good. I have two boys and me and my wife actually took turns trying to get them to sleep but eventually they were more comfortable with their mother so we changed the routine to suit their style. This is a great start to the challenge!

  3. Not much into babies and parenting so not sure how constructive my comment will be. I think its great you got to develop his sleeping routine so well!!

  4. I did the same steps with my daughter and now doing with my son. For babies, repetition and consistency works well. I had been asked the same question number of times if he my kiddo sleeps at night. Touch would with both my kids, we never had sleepless nights.

  5. Oh man, my baby made me insane with er sleep routine for intial 3 months but thankfully after that things got better. This is such a helpful post. Sharing it with other moms too, i am sure it will be useful to many.

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