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As mother and a home maker, home safety is of utmost importance to me. I’m sure so it is for you all too coz home is where the heart is.
Your personal safety depends on you and so does your home safety.
I am sure all of us wants the best safety for our homes and this drives us to get the best safety measures for our homes.
The first and foremost thing that comes to our mind when we talk about home safety is robbers/burglars? The second thing that will come to our mind will be Locks or may be vice Versa.
Checkout these videos launched by Godrej Locking Solutions and systems to know the psyche of a robber along with some tips on safeguarding homes from future attack.

In India when we talk about Locks the first brand that comes to our mind is Godrej – a 120 year old leading manufacturer of innovative locking solutions.

home safety day

on 15th Novemeber, 2017 Godrej Locking Solutions launched a novel campaign #HowsafeAreYou. I attended the panel discussion at their Hubble office, which was a part of the campaign. On this day, the brand also declared this day to be observed as Home Safety day in India.
The main idea behind the campaign and the panelist’s is to create awareness amongst people on home safety and stay alert always.

Amongst the panelist were: 

1. Dr. Kaminidevi BhoirHonorary Psychiatric Counsellor for Mumbai Police
2. Vivek Agrawal, veteran crime journalist and author
3. Shyam Motwani, EVP and Head of Business – Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems
4. Prakash N. Borgaonkar, Western Region Head of HelpAge India and a victim of theft over the psyche of a robber.
5. Supreeth Sudhakaran, Victim of burglary.


Some pointers discussed at the panel: 

1. Be prepared with the actions to be taken.
2. Be alert who’s around you, what’s happening around you. 
3. Robbers thinking starts where our thinking stops, (you may see this in the video). So try and think out of the box when you are thinking about home safety.
4. Learn from others experiences.
5. Support the police by being alert and informing them if you seek anything wrong around you.
6. Senior citizens are the major victims of such accidents. Many senior citizens stay alone and don’t have anyone to talk to, they feel lonely and slowly as per Prakash Borgaonkar they start feeling isolated and start forgetting things. Robbers take advantage of this and make them their target.
7. According to Kaminidevi Bhoir, robbers gets an urge to steal. The act of robbers is a disease and is called Kleptomania. A robber has no conscience while commuting such an act.
8. Vivek Agarwal shared stories of crime and robbery’s with us, where in a 8 month old child was also not left to murder. He said that the robbers are equally scared during the process and are instructed by their team members that if you see any danger, simply finish the danger and hence the infant was also not left. He also shared that there are some woman with their babies moving around on roads asking for clothes. You may bring them home as courtesy and give them clothes. But these women are checking your houses in the mean while and they make signs outside your house either a Trishul or a Swastik, which implies that your house is going to be the victim soon.
9. Supreeth Sudhakaran expressed how he thought it’s all karma, till he actually became a victim of the burglary. He gave us some advises too like not to give your keys to watchman or neighbor. Do not keep you keys in plant pot or under the dust mat outside your houses. Use the best technology of Locks and be safe.
10. Mr. Motwani also enunciated about the best if technology they use and how they are progressing each day with new inventions. He also shared that the price of the highest form of Locks will reduce if the demand increases giving example of the LED lights, urging us to buy the best Locks and not sacrificing on home Safety.
There has been a lot of learning in this session. I propose to all my readers here get in action and be safe than sorry. Be alert abd mindful.
So together with Godrej Locks and our own measures let’s take this ahead and make our homes the safest place.
I have shared some live videos on my Facebook page of the event. You may like to see them here.
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43 thoughts on “Home safety- #HowSafeAreYou”

  1. Really informative article….. Every single word is si true…thieves don’t have any courtesy or feeling towards any age grp…dey jus want to get their work done…its our duty to take care of everything and everyone… N ensure our safely

  2. We recently got locked out of our Godrej home locker and honestly even though we tried many stunts, we could only open it when we called an expert from Godrej. So yes, believe in them.

  3. the time has gone when we use to see our moms use to tell neighbours pls look after my house we are away. Now we need some important safety measures including Locks.

  4. Leaving your homes while travelling is indeed a worrisome moment. Few years back we have a theft in our inlaws place while they were travelling thus, I fear such theft’s a lot. But happy that now we really have good safety measures.

  5. Godrej has started with some great initiatives! I personally am a fan of Godrej and seeing its almirahs and locks since childhood. This initiative by them clearly shows their passion for what they do

  6. This is a much needed product in every household! Every now and then we hear how their is theft and force attempt into the homes! Getting these locks installed can put all our hearts to ease!

  7. Seems such an informative event regarding safety measures for our home and family. These tips are great and helpful for many readers too. Godrej locks are one of the old and trusted locks and i heard about this brand from my childhood even.

  8. safety of our children has always been a scary aspect for me. I am always paranoid and keep checking secirity time and again. Thank god for godrej as their locks and other security equipment is absolutely trustworthy.

  9. It’s a wonderful initiative by Godrej. Intelligent lock system is a wow! A must have in this era when we get to hear about robbery every other day

  10. We need to be alert and always be cautious and thanks to companies like Godrej that curate products that give us complete safety

  11. Godrej is a synonym of safes and almirahs at my place. A brand name that is known for its quality everywhere. I am surer the session must have been enlighting about home security .

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