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Health care app – Zoctr

buy neurontin with paypal Technology is doing wonders in each field. Medical is not left behind in any way in terms of technology.

purchase Lyrica canada At a single call, you have doctors at home, pathologists for blood test and much more.

buy provigil in nigeria Would you like something just at your finger tip?

An app that helps you as a health partner?

So further growing in to technology we have an app that does things just by a click. Yes by a click. Isn’t that amazing?

How easy life has become thanks to technology. The app does n number of things.

Introducing you to India’s #1 Home Health App

Zoctr – Your Home Health Partner – provides you with just one touch to home health services at your doorstep with the Zoctr App.

The app is available both on iOS and play store.

What all you can do with the help of the app?

Book qualified, skilled and verified Homecare Nurses, Attendants, Doctors,Physiotherapists and Medical Equipments in a few simple steps.

Find your location using in-built GPS and instantly match with hundred of verified medical professionals meeting your requirements.

Get real-time confirmations with detailed staff profiles.

Schedule Patient Assessment and Screening Visits on the go.

Manage your Bookings including Renew, Hold and Stop bookings on the go.

Save and manage multiple patient profiles for self and family members.

Track staff real-time on a daily basis using in-built GPS tracking.

Provide daily staff attendance, rating, escalate issues immediately using support

Make online payments using payment gateway and digital wallets

What’s New?

Real-time location identification and staff tracking using in-built GPS.

I have already downloaded the app and using it. How about you? Go download the app now and find some health help at your finger tip.

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17 thoughts on “Health care app – Zoctr

  1. Seems a great app for providing health care services and a great track initiative as well. Shall download it.

  2. This looks like a great app for those looking for health care professionals. Finding well trained and good allied health care professionals is always tough

  3. This is an awesome app, I have already downloaded it on my mom’s phone so that she can use it whenever required and we are not around, as she lives alone I think this app will be really useful for her.

  4. This app looks great need to check it, thanks for sharing this.

  5. This is literally health care at your door step

  6. It sounds so good and helpful app. It can be very helpful for old patients who cant go to doctor easily. Its must downloaded app like. Thanks for sharing

  7. Thats a great app didn’t know about this..

  8. Technology made our life so easy and comfortable.. It’s very helpful for those who is not able to go outside

  9. We definitely need such app. It’s such a boon for those people who can’t go directly to doctor and needs advice. Thanks for sharing. Will surely check it out

  10. It sounds like a very useful app. Will check it out

  11. This is need of hour today, with the stress and hustle bustle we kind of ignore life and health. Such apps and information always come handy in worst case scenarios and in general practise.

  12. Yet another health care app which provides services and takes that service level to next stage 🙂 There was another app similar to it , I do not recall the name as of now!

  13. As per my personal experience, health apps are really essential 🙂

  14. This is sounding like an interesting app. Will check this out..

  15. we need more health awareness and we need more and mroe apps to reach out to clients and make sense. looks like a great app!!

  16. Que palabras… La idea fenomenal, admirable
    Rexuiz Shooter

  17. This app looks really interesting and helpful. Really good!

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