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First Year of Baby – Khevaansh AKA #Mrk It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Jasmeet Kaur for introducing me. Read her blog mommyvoyage.I have followed her throughout my pregnancy days and even now. The prompt for today is ‘First Year of Baby’. I am so thankful to this blog challenge, it has helped me record all that I was wanting to record since a very long time. One such thing was #MRKs first year monthly pictures. So here I share with you all his monthly pictures. Do leave your comments below if you do the same or would like to pick one of the following ideas.

1st month

2nd month

3rd month

4th month

5th month

6th month

7th month

8th month

9th month

10th month

11th month

1 year

All the above props are diy. Let me know if you would like me to do a post on the same.

You may also like to read The Journey from a Mother’s Womb to God’s Womb – The World I would like to introduce you to my  friend & co-blogger Khyati Gulati Tewari. Read her post on the prompt for today here.

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11 thoughts on “First Year of Baby – Khevaansh AKA #Mrk

  1. Wow jinal…I loved all of them…u r so innovative

    1. Tysm dear.

  2. Wow.. it’s great.. lovely pics n an adorable LO

  3. Loooveeed each one of them! Would love to see your post on diy too!

    1. I shall try n make one as soon as possible. TYSM

  4. Wowow I’m Just so impressed. Those are some great creative pictures.

  5. Such a beautiful way of cataloguing each month. Loved the pictures.

    1. Thanks dear Khyati

  6. Amazing. I have never seen a photo like dis

  7. its superb .. wanted to make similar kind if my h guide me how to do that..

  8. Hey that’s awesome love to see more of it … I wish I could that…

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