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COMFORT OR COURAGE – what to choose when travelling with a baby?

click here I am a social being. I would go mad if I had not meet people. To keep my urge of socialising going, I meet people and travel to places with friends and family.

We all know parenting dramatically changes our life. However, we need to keep it going and   so we planned to travel with our boy this vacation and noticed how the plans kept changing, keeping him in mind.

follow url Planning a travel is so much fun. We had our vacation planned up quite well. I had gathered a lot of courage and planned an 8/10 hours of road trip to Gujarat. The couple who were accompanying us came with one other exciting travel plan.

The new plan was to travel to one of the cold places in the North. This excited me as I have never witnessed mountains with snow or for that matter even a snow fall. I wanted to go but I was constantly thinking if I will be able to do a comfortable vacation with my boy to such a place.

I asked several friends and took their view points. Most of them asked me to go ahead with the plan. Some asked me to think over the travelling time and cold temperature there. This left me thinking.  After considering suggestions of my friends and a final discussion with my husband we finally gave up. I didn’t have the courage to travel with my 1 year old to a place so cold and neither I wanted to travel with him in the ghats.

We chose comfort over courage this time and didn’t go ahead with the plan. But thankfully we worked out something and are travelling to Udaipur now.

Why I chose to go to Udaipur?
  • It is a plateau. So, travelling will be easier as compared to the mountains.
  • the climate of the place when I visit will be quite pleasant, so that’s an advantage.
  • It’s quite close to Mumbai, so travelling time won’t be much.
  • Travelling is never done free. Some good offers attracted us to visit the city.


So at the end, you can choose either courage or comfort when travelling with a baby.

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13 thoughts on “COMFORT OR COURAGE – what to choose when travelling with a baby?

  1. I would choose comfort anyday, while traveling with my twins. 😄

    1. like really most parents would do that.

  2. I think comfort or courage definitely would have played a part in my childhood travels, which is why I don’t remember traveling anywhere else other than my native place 😉

    1. hahahah.. your parents must read this

  3. Ha ha I agree with vinay here! Same case with me as well and they did not even think of sending me alone to school excursions so the comfort and courage factor extends to times when they cannot be with me as well!

    1. hahaha.. I went everywhere as a child, my parents were like go live ur life

  4. I guess with small kids, comfort would always win. Nice to read the thought-process!

    1. yes mostly but I wouldn’t say always. coz parents these days are courageous

  5. I have always chosen comfort over courage when I traveled during my daughter’s toddler days.

  6. I hope you have a great trip – one that gives you the courage to take more adventurous ones, Jinal.

  7. Great choice. We also did more relaxed trips to Chiplun, Pune, Goa and Jodhpur with N. And now that he is almost 20 months old, we will be doing a more courageous trip North next month.

  8. It’s great that you still went for the trip and didn’t give up on the plan altogether. I still see my pictures of babyhood travel and can now see how my parents must have chosen the places of travel when I was just a toddler.

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