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Benefits of yoga and meditation on our mind

I have always been a chubby girl and gaining weight is like a cake walk for me lol. in my pregnancy too, I gained a whooping weight of 20 kgs and I was sure to reduce it after my delivery.

50 days post delivery I started yoga with a very trained and well experienced yoga guru. She helped me gain all the energy and positiveness through her training. In the beginning our aim was to gain strength, calm my self and get fit than loosing weight. Weight loss happened as a bonus. Her training included yoga asanas and meditation.

I gained immense strength both mental and physical through yoga – which  was much needed with an infant.

Yoga and meditation are the two forms of ancient Indian tradition, which emphasizes on a holistic approach to achieve proper coordination between the mind, body and soul to achieve the good values of life and lead a life full of exuberance and vitality.

Yoga and meditation has been associated with each other from the beginning. Both work together to achieve the goal of ultimate unity of the mind-body and soul, which is also referred to as a condition of everlasting happiness. Meditation and Yoga, teaches us ways to detach from the surrounding, both physically and otherwise, which ultimately results in a balance of emotional makeup. When this happens an ultimate calmness sets in, it develops a positive perspective and approach that grants amazing benefits to our body in both physical and mental ways.

Yoga and Meditation- its connection with our Mental Health

Yoga and meditation are phsycology – the practicing of which helps us understand and work with the nature of the mind, the nature of being a human, how emotions and thoughts shelter in our mind, and how they affect the our behaviour.

When we all talk about yoga, we talk about its many physiological benefits like increase in
flexibility and decrease in stiffness of muscles and much more. Very rarely do we ever mention about its many mental, psychological, and cognitive benefits. There has been many studies and researches done to assess the effectiveness of yoga and meditation for brain and mental health—-and the results has come back promising.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of practicing yoga on our mind:

 Boosts memory and improves concentration

We all have gone through phases of lack of concentration and focus on our day to day tasks. Dharana, a yogic form is practiced for concentration, and is a perfect way to clear mind and control and calm our senses. Meditation teaches us to remove all sorts of static noises from our mind and focus. This helps you to remember things, concentrate better, and perform to
the optimum.

 It helps with anxiety and depression

Involving activities like relaxation, meditation, exercising and socializing, yoga has always
been helpful in reducing depression and anxiety. It has all been possible with yoga by
regulating human stress response mechanism. With capabilities of reducing blood pressures and heart rate and thereby improving respiration, yoga provides the means to deal with anxiety and depression without the aid of nay medication.

 Helps improves your psychological/mental well-being

We often have feelings of carrying excess burdens on our shoulder, feeling highly stressed and tensed. With yogic practice you can definitely throw away those unhealthy feelings. Yoga forms involves concentration on breath and body, that aids soothing of mind and relieve worries. With discharge of stress, tension and psychological burdens one is free of any negative elements and finds optimum psychological health.

 It helps reduce the effects of traumatic experiences

Many among us go through some certain tragic episodes in life like, physical abuses, severe medical conditions or military combats that goes on to develop conditions of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the ones who suffer from this mental illness frequently experiences nightmares and flashbacks, to name a few of the symptoms. A form of yoga, known as the Hatha Yoga, shown to be effective in reducing PTSD symptoms. Yoga and meditation has shown considerable improvements in people against the ravages of traumaticexperiences.

A Yogic Diet Based on Ayurvedic Principles for Mental Health

A yogic diet practice in applying Ayurvedic principles to keep our body nourished and our mind clear. Most vegetables,  fruits, legumes, and whole grains are considered sattvic, meaning good for mind and body and in contrast foods like onions, meat, and garlic and rajasic foods like coffee, hot peppers, and salt are considered to increase dullness or hyperactivity, and hence to be avoided.

Here are a few principle on which yogic diets are based on:

  •  A yogic diet should be Sattvic (an all vegan diet believed to calm and purify the mind,
    enabling it to function at its maximum potential)
  •  Should be vegan.
  •  Should be free of chemicals and stimulants.
  •  Should contain fresh foods.
  •  Should be at regular intervals, two hours before asana practice or sleep.
  •  Should take out time to practice ashanas and time to fast.


After Knowing this immense benefits that yoga has on our mind and soul, I am sure to start practising it again. what do you think about it?

Do you feel stressed, worried and physically ill? Then Yoga and mediation is for you.


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Breastfeeding – How to Get it Right?

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience and I always wanted to breastfeed my baby. I am thankful to God as I never faced any issues in producing milk. But there are moms who do face such issues.

Each mom who faces issues with producing milk might have googled n number of times to find what can work for producing more milk.

I am no doctor or nutritionist to suggest you what can work for you. But I would like to share what worked for me. This should help you stay positive and give it your best.

  • Talking to the baby:

As soon as I got pregnant with K, I started talking to him. Though I never got any response, it was beautiful time we spent with each other. Post bath when I applied moisturiser on my pregnant belly was the time I never missed talking to him. This is when I kept saying to both the baby and me that s/he was going to be exclusively breastfed for first 6 months of life and post that till we can manage. This doesn’t help produce milk but it made me strong each day and I was more positive.

  • Eating lots of protein:

I had a lot of protein rich food during my pregnancy. My doctor had given me a protein powder which I hated but he warned me saying I will have to be admitted to take protein injections. For God sake, who wants to go and stay in a hospital, I better take my protein powder. This protein powder went on till K was majorly on breastmilk .i.e. till 9 months of life.

Read more pointers here.

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My Conception News Story

Mr. K took good time to select us as his parents. Yes, we waited for 22 months before we could conceive this little man. 

While, I was going to the doctor and doing follow ups to conceive naturally, there was a time when the doctor said you may have to get a IVF or IUI. My husband and I were disheartened.  But we thought this way or that way, having a baby was more important. Since we had some trips and a wedding lined up, we thought we would start the process after we finish these.


But, God had drawn different map of life for us. I returned from my trips and had a strong feeling that I had conceived. My breasts were sore but the news was not definite. I missed my period. I was excited to check if I was pregnant. But I didn’t as I had failed and cried so many times before. More than me, my husband didn’t want me to check.

This girl wanted to dance in full swing in an event but what if I was pregnant. Its better to check and be safe.I did the home pregnancy test early morning and to my happiness, I saw two faint lines. I came back to my room and slept next to my husband and was thinking of different ways to share the news with him.


We woke up and got in to our normal routine. After bath, when he entered the room to change, I couldn’t control but showed him the pregnancy kit, and he didn’t follow a thing but asked me, “What? I had told you, don’t do the test, why did you bla bla bla..” I replied it shows too lines which means we have conceived and we were pregnant. He jumped with happiness, he danced for total 5 mins. I still remember the elation on his face.


The twist in the story comes now. We went to the doctor and told him, we had conceived and here is the pregnancy kit that shows it. The doctor asked us to repeat the test and the result came opposite, showing no pregnancy. In my heart, I was sure, the test at the doctor was wrong and that I have conceived but somewhere I was nervous. The doctor asked me to get the blood test done and told me he would call me if at all the report showed pregnancy.


I had my routine day. I didn’t have the time to check my phone, while I was at work. but as soon as I left from work and checked my phone, I saw a missed call from the doctor. With bated breath, I called the doctor and received the happy news, I was waiting for.


The much awaited phase had arrived in our lives bringing in loads of luv n joy . The feeling of parenthood is difficult to be pen down . It’s a joy that is cherished in your heart and the memories of that joy are always as fresh as a daisy. When we as parents become old n our children adult ; this experience when shared seems like a moment one has just experienced. This is God’s creation.

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