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Free Play and It’s Importance

“He keeps playing by himself”, “He is a sweet boy, doesn’t make much trouble”, “He is independent”, is what I often hear people say about my little boy. People wonder what makes him so independent and play all by himself.

If you have been following me closely, you might have noticed how much free play time I give my son. He loves exploring his new world and playing by himself. He has his own way of exploring and finding things that keep him busy and well as independent.


Importance of Free Play

As a parent, I completely believe in free play and I am going to tell you why. Listed below are some benefits of free play on children

1} Builds creativity

With a structured education at school, children find very less time to play and explore as they wish. This kills their imagination skills. Encouraging free play in children helps improve imagination skills, and increase creativity.

2} Explore the world

It is very important that children explore their surroundings and interact with their world. Giving enough free play time to your little one helps him interact with his surroundings and explore the real world.

3} Enhances decision making skills

To survive in the real world, it is very important to learn the skill of decision making. It is a practical skill that every child should learn. Children spending time in free play have better decision making skills than those who do not.

4} Conquer fear

Children always develop fear for a thing that is not known or explored by them. So is the principle of fear in the real world. In order to make your children conquer fear and build self-confidence, encourage as much as possible free play in his daily routine.

5} Increases physical activity

Children need to be physically active to stay fit and healthy. Free play increase physical activity and makes your child healthy and active. Free play also helps reduce weight in children who are overweight and obese.

6} Social and emotional development

You may be surprised to know that free play improves social and emotional development in children. It helps children understand relationship values between family and friends.

7} Helps resolve conflicts with other children

Free play when done along with friends, teaches children to work in groups. Additionally, it also teaches children to share and resolve conflicts among themselves.

Moreover I feel completely relaxed as I am not burdened with making things prepared for activities for him which may survive merely for 5 minutes.

What are your thoughts on free play? Let me know in the comments below.


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E is for Education – How the concept of education kept changing for me over the years.

The concept of education kept altering for me as I grew. From a kid to a college student, from a teacher to a parent, the idea of education kept changing.

As a child education was more about absorbing and transcribing. Learning concepts by heart and omitting it in the paper. Believe me I hated this concept and for all my school life I only loved Mathematics and at a later stage English. The reason for this was both these subjects were practical.

I was sure to take up commerce for the love of accounts and management subjects. I love them today also. According to me they are too practical and application based. So, as a college student education was more about gaining and applying my knowledge.

I became a teacher and this made me realise what education was in schools in India. Believe me, in most Indian schools Education is all about getting literate. Examination and its result is the most important part of education. If a school doesn’t have good results, it doesn’t have good education. Though many schools focus on co-curricular activities too but the focus is results (read Grade 10 results). While, I was teaching, I registered for CIDTT program and there I was educated that the concept of examination is not even required. Well, I can do a complete post on this now 😬. But let me tell you in short that exam is not the only way education can be tested for the simple reason education is more than just concept learning.

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Until, I read more about the Waldorf curriculum and understood it deeply (I am still learning), I always thought education was all the above. But thankfully, I was introduced to Waldorf curriculum which says education is the holistic development of a child. Education must be with heart, hand and the head. It must be with soul, body and mind.

Our highest endeavour must be
to develop free human beings
who are able of themselves to impart
purpose and direction to their lives.
The need for imagination,
a sense of truth and
a feeling of responsibility—
these three forces are the very nerve of education.”
― Rudolf Steiner

I have attempted to write a small poem on education. Kindly bear with me it’s my first attempt in my life.

The concept of education is different for each one. This is obvious. Sharing here what education means to me.


It is more than getting literate,

It’s about enjoying childhood

It is more than degrees,
it’s about enjoying adulthood

Its above grades,
it’s about loving what you do
It’s more powerful than competition,
it’s about living it real

It goes beyond reading books,
it’s about telling stories
Its more than learning rhymes,
it’s about singing songs

Its a broad concept,
done by the heart, hand and mind


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What keeps me going as a mother? (Mother’s Day Special)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the feelings shared are my own. 


Until I became a mom myself, Mother’s Day was just about gifting my mother something and nothing more than that.

Now that I am a mother for almost 2 years now, I have realised that motherhood is a real job and nothing in the world can pay for it. Mother’s Day is just a way to make all the mothers very special and not just about gifting things and celebrating. There is so much more to a being a mother.

Pregnancy brings in motherhood. That motherly feeling came to me as soon as I conceived. I enjoyed it thoroughly through my pregnancy.

The real mommy experience came in when I delivered my little boy. And, Oh Man! It’s not easy at all, but a mom still gets going.

follow site I have a list of things to do in my head but I do nothing and sit besides my son and play with him. I haven’t deep cleaned my house for 21 months now. Yes, normal cleaning keeps going. I feel I have to do so much in life but I am just stuck but I still keep going. Why?

What is that lets a mommy keep going in spite of all the odds.

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1. Morning cuddles and smiles:

When he wakes up calling mumma/ papa, the happiness is very different. There are days when we are sleepy, and we are like “beta soja”. But most days he makes us feel beautiful with his overloaded cuteness.

2. The twinkling eyes when I breastfeed:

Those eyes when I breastfeed him has a different spark. This is one thing that keeps me going to breastfeed him at 21 months old too. I am very happy about it except on our bad days when he does not want anything in the world but only wants to be breastfed. But let me share those bad days have almost gone now, and he hardly does this now.

3. Those kiss and hugs:

Who doesn’t like kisses and hugs? And when it’s from a little munchkin, it’s all the more sweeter. Those lip to lip kisses makes my day especially when I am having a hard day.

4. Memories that we collect:

Witnessing his milestones is a pleasure to the eyes. Making memories with my little boy has been my favourite thing. Recently we were twining in our tees from buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v BonOrganik. When I look back at the videos and pictures, it’s fun. Now even he enjoys seeing his videos.

5. Virtual moms:

It’s not only this little man who has helped me kept going, but there are many other people too. These virtual mommy friends have been the most important part of my life. They are there to hear me out whenever needed, and they are there to solve my problems in seconds. So yes, they have helped me keep going.

6. How badly I wanted him:

This is the most important thing that fights all the odds. How badly I wanted him. I have waited for 22 months to conceive him and that time wasn’t easy but I passed through that and I know this will also pass to soon (read bad days).

Likewise, there are so many small little things each day that brings a smile on my face and help me keep going. Mothering is tough but it is beautiful.

I am sure you would agree to me if you are a mom. 

What keeps you going as a mom?


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Dad – A Forgotten Hero

Most often, a mom is given all the weight after giving birth to the baby, in fact, from the period she conceives. I have a very different ideology. I always feel it’s we who got pregnant and not alone me. If I was to become a mother, he was to become a dad.

Gone are those days when dads were just breadwinners for the family. Now, Dads are more to it. They play a role of a dad just as mom would. But, the sad part is dads are often neglected and moms are given all the importance.

My husband is a part of our daily routine with my son. He plays with him, he bathes him, he feeds him food and much more.

I see him living the way just as I would with my son with some differences obviously because our parenting styles differ in some aspects.

Today I want to take this opportunity note down what all my husband, #MrKs dad did/ does for us. (This will also make me less angry on him when we have a mini war )


  1. He was a super hero throughout my pregnancy. He took utmost care of me and in return he received love.
  2. When I decided to go for a C-Section, he was by my side and gave me strength and will power. 
  3. After delivery, when I came home he was too careful about my health, sleep – much needed after giving birth. He helped me soothe the baby and burped him too. 
  4. After some months of my delivery, I wanted to meet my girl gang and he was there to take the role of a dad. In fact, he knows I love playing garba – so he was back home early for all 9 days. #playingdadrole 
  5. He takes him to the doctors or accompanies us for vaccination. On our bad days gives him medicines and massages him for relaxation too. He chops his nails too. (Now don’t you judge me on what I do then – In that case, you must visit me for a day LOL)
  6. Each Sunday that’s when he has an off, he takes him out and plays with him to his heart’s content. I’m a free bird when he has an off. 

xenical 120mg hard capsules And people say dads don’t do anything. Don’t mind even I have said that at times but that’s only the hormone making me say that . I know he does much more than expected and we love him for what he does for us. 

Dont you think all dads out there earn that love and respect? Share your thoughts on this in the comments below. Would love to hear from you.

So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited and would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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Which baby carrier should I buy? – Confused?

I have been a baby wearing mom since #MrK was 10 days old and absolutely love it. I attended the Mumbai sling libraries baby wearing meet when I was pregnant and even wrapped my pregnant belly. With this you must know how crazy I’m about baby wearing.

I tried to understand almost all types of carries in that meet but frankly a single meet isn’t enough plus I didn’t have my baby also to try the carriers. Though the meet up was a big help as it helped me understand the fabric and a lot of other stuff. I was left with a lot of confusion on what to buy. I thought of sharing with you on what to buy and at what age since a lot of you pm me asking about it. Please note this a non sponsored post.

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There are various types of baby carriers and each has its own uniqueness and comfort. It’s difficult to say one is the most comfortable than the other.

Let me share the different types of carriers:

1. Hybrid wrap :

The first carrier that I bought was a hybrid wrap after doing a lot of research and chewing many peoples brain (read team Mumbai sling library Yaman and Rashmi). This wrap has a stretchy tee- shirt type fabric which makes it very easy for you to wrap the baby and you need it Coz you are a beginner with a tiny squish. The stretchy fabric gives you the comfort to make good hood for the baby when asleep – most of the times they sleep when worn. The fabric is airy and suits all the climate. It’s extremely breathable and light in weight. It can turn into a blankie when not worn. So I would suggest this to people who want to wear their new born babies. I wore my son when he was 10 days old in a beautiful hybrid wrap by Anmol baby carriers. I miss wearing him in the hybrid now.

Please ignore my looks – I was a new mommy.

2. Ring sling:

This was the second carrier I bought. Personally I felt it was the most stylish slings of all. I was attracted to it. If you learn how to wear this comfortably, it will become your go to carrier as it’s really very easy to wear and undo it. It is suitable for new born up to 16-18 months depending on the weight of your child. I loved feeding MrK at home in the sling when he didn’t sleep otherwise.

3. Wrap:

A beautiful piece of fabric to wrap your baby. Again this is suitable from newborn to 3-4 years. I have seen the Mumbai sling library girls wearing their babies in the wrap at 4 years too. Wearing a new born in a wrap isn’t very easy – you need to learn it well. But it’s a good investment if you are sure you are going to wear your baby for long.

4. SSC/ Full Buckle:

SSC is used by most moms because it simply becomes too easy to wear your baby and undo them in it. Different brands have different age criteria for using the SSC. The basic starts at 4 months with an infant seat – you can use rolled towels too. This was my go to carrier simply because of the ease it gave me. There are different fabric like linen, wrap converted, canvas and more. You will have to check well as per brand which to go for or you can simply dm me if you would like any help buying it.

5. Meh – Dai

This is one beautiful innovation for moms who are not comfortable with the wrap. It’s a mid way carrier between the ssc and the wraps. It has straps like the ssc but these have to to be tied/wrapped as per your comfort. So it gives the comfort of the wrap and ssc both. I have recently got my hands on a meh dai and love it. I’m still to post pictures of the same on my social media. You can use a Meh dai from one months of age till toddler hood or beyond.

These are the basic carriers that I understand very well and shared my knowledge on the same with you people. If you still have any doubts. Feel free to leave in a comment below – I would be happy to answer them.

So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited and would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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Insights on Facts and Myths on Thyroid: Creating an awareness

Let me share a story of a friend before I begin with the factual knowledge

Being happily married for a year, she and her hubby thought it was time to take their family forward and bring a joy of life in this world. But uncertainty struck them when they were not conceiving. Her menstrual cycles were irregular and she started putting on oodles of weight for no reason. At first, she dismissed these two factors blaming it on the stressful lives that we lead. However, repeated incidences got them worried and they head straight to the gynaecologist.

The first thing the doctor told her was to take a thyroid profile test. Post test result she turned out to be positive for thyroid disorder.

I had the opportunity to attend thyroid awareness event, which threw light on many lesser known facts about thyroid disorder.

What is Hypothyroidism and Thyroweight?

At this event, popular celebrity face Juhi Chawla and famous endocrinologist Dr Shehla present were present to create an awareness on Hypothyroidism and living a healthy life along with it.

Like Dr Shehla said, every 1 in 10 people are diagnosed with thyroid disorder, hypothyroidism being the most common of all. Hypothyroidism is a disorder of thyroid gland where this gland fails to produce enough thyroid hormone. This mainly occurs due to an underactive thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism when left undiagnosed or untreated leads to severe damages to the brain, liver, kidneys, and reproductive system.

The term “Thyroweight” is associated with “Hypothyroidism”, as the first symptom associated with this disorder which is weight gain and tiredness. Since in hypothyroidism , the thyroid gland mainly affects the metabolic rate in our body, it is hugely associated with low activity and hence more weight gain. Today, there are several medical experts like Dr Shehla and celebrities like Juhi Chawala who talk and advice on how to manage thyroweight and live life healthy with hypothyroidism. In fact, in the event I attended, Juhi also shared that her husband, father in law and her make up artist had thyroid disorder too and they are all doing fine in life by taking one small pill everyday.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Some of the common symptoms of Hypothyrodism are:

  • Unexplained weight gain and Extreme exhaustion and fatigue (Thyroweight)
  • Swelling in the legs, hands, and face
  • Hair loss
  • Constipation
  • Changes in voice
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Menstrual cycle irregularities in women

Causes of Hypothyroidism

  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Removal of thyroid gland
  • Hereditary
  • Pituitary gland disorder
  • Excess iodine intake
  • Congenital defects

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypothyroidism

Once you experience the symptoms you must go to a doctor to have him prescribe you a TSH test. This is one of the best blood tests available to diagnose hypothyroidism. If you are diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, your endocrinologist will prescribe you thyroid supplements.

For more information please visit

Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy

Hormones related to pregnancy further bring down thyroid hormone levels in the body and adequate care must be given to maintain the required levels of TSH in the blood. During pregnancy, TSH is constantly monitored and medications are prescribed if required. Untreated hypothyroidism in pregnant women can cause complications like still birth, hypertension, anaemia, cardiovascular disorders, mental retardation, low IQ, and low birth weight.

You must too not ignore the symptoms if you experience them and get yourselves checked- #ruleoutThyroweight


Disclaimer: I attended a discussion on thyroid awareness facilitated by Abbott India Limited. Any opinion expressed in this blog is my personal opinion and not the opinion of Abbott India Limited. Abbott India Limited does not assume any liability for the content of the blog. The blog post is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor consultation, nor is it a medical recommendation or prescription of treatment for people having thyroid problems. Any reader of this blog suffering from thyroid problems should specifically consult his/her doctor for the same and follow the suggested course of treatment.

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Celebrate Women’s Day – The Special Way

Hey you ladies! It is our day!

 March 8th is International Women’s Day.

One day of the year to celebrate you for being you. The day of the year that you can celebrate womanhood in free spirit. Although, every day of womanhood should be celebrated, you often are not able to make time for yourself due to increasing demands and pressures of work as well as personal life.

So why not make this year special? Why not celebrate International Women’s Day in a different way this year? Listed below are some super cool ideas to celebrate March 8th in a different way with friends and family.

1} Take your family women out:

The idea of celebrating women’s day is by being in the company of women you cherish and love the most. You develop the true essence of being a woman from your mother, your sister, or your friend. No better time than family time. Take out your women family members out on a date to a movie, lunch, or to the mall.

2} Ask the men folk to cook a meal

Tired of doing the domestic chores aren’t you? Well, it is your day today. Why not ask the men folk to cook a delicious meal for the women in the family? After all women too need to feel pampered and loved. Ask your husband, father, or brother to switch and cook a meal for all the ladies in the house.

3} Women’s Party

It is a good idea to socialise with your neighbours and office colleagues this day. Take some time off the usual routine and organize a party for yourself and the women folk in the neighbourhood and office. Plan a few fun filled activities, games, drinks, and some good food for all the ladies.

4} Get involved in an NGO related to women issues

Today, the whole world is talking about women’s rights. You, as a woman, need to contribute too to make this world a better place for women to live life with dignity and respect. Donate to NGO’s that empower women in developing third world countries. Also try to take part is volunteering campaigns to save the girl child from foeticide. Any small contribution from your end will have a huge impact on the quality of another woman’s life.

5} Pamper yourself

Have you been neglecting yourself due to the growing immense pressures of day-to-day life? Well, today is your day. Make a change. Give yourself some attention and pamper yourself by doing what you like the most. Book yourself an appointment at the spas, cook a delicious meal for yourself, or spend some quiet time reading or listening to music. Do all that you would love to do on a normal day.

A single day isn’t required for a woman to celebrate womanhood. Nevertheless, March 8th being the International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide. Women are made to feel special on this day. It’s time for you too to make a change. This March 8th, celebrate women’s day like never before.

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Baby Wearing and its Benefits

Baby wearing has been my favourite experience of mothering. I absolutely love it and will promote it forever. This post is for all those who want to know why I think baby wearing is too good.  

Baby wearing is a technique where your baby is held close to you or the other parent in a sling. A baby can be worn from the time he is born. I started baby wearing when K was just 10 days old. I was actually waiting for his umbilical cord to drop off. There are different types of carriers and brand to choose from. I would suggest using an ergonomic carrier as its the best way to hold your baby.

Breastfeeding in the carrier

Just when your baby is growing, you would like to take him on walks or other errands. Sometimes you would want to tag him along with your shopping too! Carrying your baby in your arms can be pretty difficult, as their growing weight can put a lot of pressure on your back, shoulders and arms. Additionally, babies can be quite naughty and may wriggle out of your control easily.

Is there a fix for this? Yes of course! One of the best workaround solutions for this is baby wearing.

Sharing some positive benefits too baby wearing on my baby and me.

Benefits of Baby Wearing

 It provided me the benefit of being allowed to carry on normal daily routines without any distractions or disturbances. Listed below are some positive benefits that I experienced by baby wearing.

1} Increased intimacy between me and baby

When I carried my baby in the hybrid wrap or carrier, I held him close to me. Baby wearing promoted an intimate connection between my baby and me. Baby wearing also calms down fussy babies and allow parents to respond to their baby’s needs immediately which in turn reduces frustration and stress.

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2} Baby naps are undisturbed

There is a high chance that your baby may doze off while you are out. Carrying your baby in yours arms may disturb his naps and he may get agitated. This was the same case with my baby too. Mr. Ks naps were never disturbed as he was always carried in a wrap or carrier.

Baby naps while mom climbs a pilgrimage

3} Helped me lose weight

Losing weight was like an unimaginable dream, because I simply couldn’t go out to exercise leaving my baby alone. But the impossible became possible with baby wearing. I could go out on long walks and remain fit with my baby close to me all the time. Baby wearing help me achieve the dream of losing weight. Thankfully, I reached my pre – pregnancy weight with in a year of giving birth inspite of having the tendency to gain weight easily.

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4} Promotes mental, physical and emotional development

A baby wrap or carrier keeps your baby snug and in a comfortable and correct position.  Baby wearing also develops your baby mentally and emotionally as they get the warmth and security by staying close to you or the other parent.

Enjoying an event with mommy

5} Makes parenting easier

Last but not the least, baby wearing makes parenting a whole lot easier. As a mother, it helped me get all my errands and routine work done without any hindrances. Additionally parents with one more child will greatly benefit from baby wearing as it allows parent to give due attention to both children.

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One of the most effective and simplest aspects of parenting is baby wearing. I am pleased to say that I have experienced many positive benefits from this and would recommend the same to all parents. If you are thinking along the same lines, go and grab yourself a baby carrier now.  

You can feel free to leave in your doubts in the comments below, will be happy to help!

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How I plan to instill Patriotism in my Son

Is just hoisting the national flag on republic day and national patriotism? Is this the only way to instil patriotism in our children? No there are simpler and more effective ways to make your child more patriotic. As a parent, I should be an example for my son and teaching him the true meaning of patriotism and independence.

How to install patriotism in kids?

With every year of our nation entering into its independence, the new generation is coming into this country. We all grew learning great things about our freedom fighters and our country’s independence. We are 71 years independent and our nation is growing to become a progressed country. Why is it so? It is because of the youth. No nation can progress without the younger generation.
So how do you plan to instil patriotism in kids?

Here are some ways I plan to do it 

1} Respecting the national anthem:

Today, most kids don’t even know the meaning of our national anthem. Even entertainment centres like movie theatres play the national anthem before the screening of the movie. This is to emphasise the importance and meaning of our national anthem. Teach your kids the importance of our national anthem and make them respect it by standing in salutation every time they hear it.

2} Show documentaries:

One of the easiest ways to induce a feeling of patriotism in your little one is to show documentaries on freedom struggle and freedom fighters. This will give them a visual of the suffering and struggle our ancestors went through to give our country independence. You child will definitely understand the sacrifice people took to achieve a peaceful nation that they stay in today.

3} Pay up taxes and bills on time:

Children are like wet cement. They always follow their parent’s ways. So whatever you do will have an impression on them. Instil a feeling of responsibility within them by yourself showing some responsibility towards your country. One such way is to pay bills and taxes that we owe to the government for a better and progressed country.

4} Keeping the society clean: 

As we all have learnt from childhood, cleanliness is godliness. If we love our country, we must take steps to keep it clean. And how do you start doing it? Begin with keeping your nearby society clean. Teaching cleanliness to your child by asking him not to throw garbage on the streets, putting waste into a dustbin, and taking measures to keep it clean is a way of showing love to our country.

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5} Respecting the policemen: 

A policemen’s job is the most neglected job in the country simply because none of us realise the importance of them. Hadn’t been for policemen, we would not have slept peacefully every night or stay comfortably in the security of our home. Policemen work towards securing the citizens of our country. By respecting policemen and making your children do so, they will feel more inspired and patriotic towards our country.

5} Organise Independence Day and Republic Day camps

Although your kid may have independence and republic day celebrations at school, he may quite not understand the true essence behind it. Organising the camps yourself near your home and involving him in all the activities pertaining to celebrations will help him value the independence of our country.

The lessons of sacrifice and responsibility towards our country will make our youth patriotic and understand the true meaning of independence. Only if we teach them now, it is going to pass on to the other generations to come.

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My Take on Giving Freedom to Kids

“Children should have enough freedom to be themselves-once they have learned the rules”

quotes Anna Quindlen (an American author).

The question here arises is that do we as parents follow this? Many would say a ‘YES’. But personally speaking its 50% of the ‘YES’. Why so????  Have we ever pondered on this question?  Not deeply.  Yes, but we often compare our childhood with that of our kids. I too am a parent and many a times I tend to compare the situation when I see my growing toddler.

What is freedom?? The answer for this will vary for different age groups.

  • For a child – having ample play time
  • Teenager- having ample friends time
  • Youth- having ample party time
  • An adult- it’s me time and so on……

Do we give this freedom to our kids without setting any boundaries? Do we give the freedom asked without the list of rules and regulations. No we don’t.

Many may or may not agree with me. But we are at fault when we bind our kids with strict disciplinary measures. It’s when you curb the freedom demanded children tend to break the norms set and follow their heart. It’s then that we take strict actions without understanding the reason behind it.

Our childhood was way different than our children . We had lots of play time – playing games like lock n key; kho-kho ; kubaddi; hide n seek; etc… Did we not do well academically? Getting the top rank  always was not the criteria. I don’t remember my parents ever nagging me or my siblings for marks. We were always given a positive motivating reaction. The result was that we kids worked hard on our own and passed out with flying colours. It was our own strive. Was there ‘NO COMPETITION’ then??? IT WAS. But our parents did not let us feel the pressure .  unfortunately today parents give pressure to kids. The world is becoming a competitive one so to occupy a seat here children should be capable of taking pressure and no problem if their FREEDOM IS AT STAKE.

Khevaansh in the park

What a life are we giving to our kids?

Changing with changing times is important but how you change & whether your change is having a positive impact on your surroundings is equally important.  For this parents should have a proper communication system with their kids. Tell them about the changing times; show them how much you trust them but don’t impose your fears and thoughts or for that matter your desires.

Today’s kids have a set time-table to follow , not only in schools but at home too. Once they come back from school they have a time schedule for tv; ipads; play time because they have to go for their classes- swimming/ drawing/ judo/ tennis etc… our child should be an epitome of perfection. Are we so???

Having a rhythm in life is good but a routine with no free time to be in ourself is not a good idea.

Are we giving the freedom to kids to choose an activity of their choice or prioritise the ones they like and we wish too. For that matter, don’t you think kids need that free time to be all by themselves. The outcome is ‘Jack of all traits and master of none’. If we are working parents & feel taxed that we have a list of duties ready when we step home and do not get our own space or me time, imagine how a child’s mind must be getting taxed.

Freedom is something which allows kids to take their own responsibilities.

The art of discipline should be developed from within.

Set boundaries but in a way that kids learn from them. Motivation, communication, trust all play an important role. Give gadgets to your kids and make them understand the pros and cons of its over use. Let the child decide for himself/ herself. ( remember: you cannot use it as a tool. When you give a time limit follow it. But when you have work and you don’t want ur chid to disturb you, you give the gadget then the child loses the significance of the lesson taught and freedom is taken for granted). (Gadget is just an example – I am no gadget mommy BTW)

Allow your growing teens to mingle with their friends but keep a tab on their group. Don’t be so complacent in expressing yourself modern that you feel you don’t need to divulge into your child’s life as you represent a modern time mom. That’s not modernism. Such behaviour gives rise to incidents of kids murdering; committing suicide or molestation; cyber abuse and so on….

Be a Role model

When you are out of the house call up your child/children and inform that you have reached the venue safely. Share few details. In return inculcate the same habit in your child. This way the child will not feel that you are keeping a check on his/her whereabouts and your worry is also sorted. It’s a two way communication.

Similarly discuss your friends with your child rather than asking them about their friends. Children tend to speak on their own. This type of freedom of expression will eventually build the power of thinking and understanding the right & wrong; good or bad.

Keep some family time together to play or dine together or holiday. Remember the idea here is not to give time to kids but to give quality time. Keep your gadgets away and spend time talking ; playing ; swimming with kids. When children see their parents making them feel important they learn to reciprocate. But in today’s time we take our kids for a holiday with their gadgets as we need our space too. So we then can’t complain if our kids want their own space and own freedom and ask us to allow them to live their life the way they wish too. They want freedom.

We need to remember

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings”.


This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Veena from thereadingmomster  for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Alpana from mothersgurukul and suggest you to read her views on the prompt, ‘What Does  Freedom Mean To You’.