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Benefits of Co-Sleeping


order provigil online overnight delivery When I was pregnant I read that babies either sleep with their parents in their room known as co sleeping or sleep in another room since birth.

follow url I chose co–sleeping for my baby.

Ways of co-sleeping:

  1. Parent’s Bed: Baby shares the parents bed.
  2. Attached Crib: A extension or crib is attached to the parent’s bed which is open from one side facing the bed, so that the baby and the mother has access to one another. (I have this one)
  3. Separate Bed: The baby sleeps in a different bed in the same room.

Certain Benefits of co-sleeping:

  1. Easy access to #Mrk (my son) made it easy for me to put him to sleep again immediately.

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  1. Except for the initial 40 days where the feeding sessions were long followed by poop and pee, I almost fed him drowsing (almost sleeping). The benefit here was I could get back to sleep easily as I was in half sleep even while feeding him.


  1. Breastfeeding is easier. Now that he is almost 14 months, it’s even more easier.

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  1. He feels secured.


  1. I feel there are less hassles during bed time.


  1. Worked for me as I have less space at home.


  1. I could monitor him well during illness.


  1. Reduces the risk of SIDS.


  1. He never had nighttime separation anxiety.


  1. There are rare chances of a fall from bed. I am saying rare because we had one.


  1. It gives his dad some more time to be with him. Most mornings are night are full of cuddles.


  1. Its lovely to wake up next to you baby. In my case, he wakes me up with that broad smile.


  1. If you are a working mom, it gives you some more time with the baby.


  1. There are no chances of poop staying over in the diaper especially in the early days.


  1. A fussy child may sleep better.

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23 thoughts on “Benefits of Co-Sleeping

  1. The closeness definitely gives a sense of confidence and comfort in kids and with parents as well.

  2. Being unmarried, this was something I had never thought about. I see the point of this blog, it could mean so much for the little one and something that young parents can easily unknowingly ignore

  3. This is a no brainer for me and most Indian moms. Totally agree to all the above points.

  4. I agree with these. Co-sleeping definitely gives them a sense of comfort and security.

  5. Co sleeping creates a special bond between me and my little one. A story session while lying next to him as he sleeps off is his favourite..

  6. I completely support co sleeping. My kids are 5 and 10 and still they sleep with us. Added an extra bed thats it. I love the closeness and kids like the sense of security

  7. I’m a co-sleeping mom of two and could relate to each point you mentioned above. We really love cosleeping and intend to do so till the time our daughters want.

  8. I co-sleep with my twins and agree with the benefits you have mentioned here. We love and enjoy co-sleeping even when I am literally found sleeping on the edge, saving myself from a humpty-dumpty fall. 😉

  9. I am sure we all can relate to this… in my family I have seen kids co sleeping for the same reasons

  10. Co sleeping is better than separate sleeping. Beacuse in Co sleeping it is easy to make a strong bond with your kid. And kids also feel secure while sleeping with their parents.

  11. Co sleeping is disappearing in hitch world but we should learn it’s importance and benefits. You explained it so well and gives child comfortable and fear free sleep

  12. I have never thought of any other way but co-sleeping it gives the confidence to new mom as well keeps all worries at bay during earlier days of sleeping pattern.
    Informative post for new moms

  13. My baby share bed we us. Co-sleeping is important as it help to strong the bonding between mum and baby and also it make easy for mums to feed or breast feed their child. And also it is much safe and secure than separate sleeping.

  14. Oh yes. All these wonderful benefits and those late night snuggles and kisses 🙂

  15. I have always co slept when i was a kid.. i cannot even imagine sleeping away from my baby now!

  16. co sleeping is surely better than separate sleeping, i am not a mother yet but i wil never want to sleep separately from my little one

  17. when i was raising my kids, i did not even know that there are options beyond cosleeping. Thats how indian families have been raising babies since forever. But even if i did know, i’d choose co-sleeping over other methods 🙂

  18. I just cant sleep if my son is not beside me even though he is 3 now.. 😍 glad co sleeping has so many benefits.

  19. I am a firm believer of co-sleeping and am still practising that when my daughter is almost 4.8 yr old. It helps in boosting a baby’s confidence and attachment towards parents.

  20. Actually co sleeping is a very effective technique and builds the bond between the mother and child.

  21. Love how detailed the blog is, will share this with my elder sis

  22. I still prefer coming Co sleeping with my baby… She’s 3 now… This makes me and her feel secure

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