I have been a baby wearing mom since #MrK was 10 days old and absolutely love it. I attended the Mumbai sling libraries baby wearing meet when I was pregnant and even wrapped my pregnant belly. With this you must know how crazy I’m about baby wearing.

I tried to understand almost all types of carries in that meet but frankly a single meet isn’t enough plus I didn’t have my baby also to try the carriers. Though the meet up was a big help as it helped me understand the fabric and a lot of other stuff. I was left with a lot of confusion on what to buy. I thought of sharing with you on what to buy and at what age since a lot of you pm me asking about it. Please note this a non sponsored post.

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There are various types of baby carriers and each has its own uniqueness and comfort. It’s difficult to say one is the most comfortable than the other.

Let me share the different types of carriers:

1. Hybrid wrap :

The first carrier that I bought was a hybrid wrap after doing a lot of research and chewing many peoples brain (read team Mumbai sling library Yaman and Rashmi). This wrap has a stretchy tee- shirt type fabric which makes it very easy for you to wrap the baby and you need it Coz you are a beginner with a tiny squish. The stretchy fabric gives you the comfort to make good hood for the baby when asleep – most of the times they sleep when worn. The fabric is airy and suits all the climate. It’s extremely breathable and light in weight. It can turn into a blankie when not worn. So I would suggest this to people who want to wear their new born babies. I wore my son when he was 10 days old in a beautiful hybrid wrap by Anmol baby carriers. I miss wearing him in the hybrid now.

Please ignore my looks – I was a new mommy.

2. Ring sling:

This was the second carrier I bought. Personally I felt it was the most stylish slings of all. I was attracted to it. If you learn how to wear this comfortably, it will become your go to carrier as it’s really very easy to wear and undo it. It is suitable for new born up to 16-18 months depending on the weight of your child. I loved feeding MrK at home in the sling when he didn’t sleep otherwise.

3. Wrap:

A beautiful piece of fabric to wrap your baby. Again this is suitable from newborn to 3-4 years. I have seen the Mumbai sling library girls wearing their babies in the wrap at 4 years too. Wearing a new born in a wrap isn’t very easy – you need to learn it well. But it’s a good investment if you are sure you are going to wear your baby for long.

4. SSC/ Full Buckle:

SSC is used by most moms because it simply becomes too easy to wear your baby and undo them in it. Different brands have different age criteria for using the SSC. The basic starts at 4 months with an infant seat – you can use rolled towels too. This was my go to carrier simply because of the ease it gave me. There are different fabric like linen, wrap converted, canvas and more. You will have to check well as per brand which to go for or you can simply dm me if you would like any help buying it.

5. Meh – Dai

This is one beautiful innovation for moms who are not comfortable with the wrap. It’s a mid way carrier between the ssc and the wraps. It has straps like the ssc but these have to to be tied/wrapped as per your comfort. So it gives the comfort of the wrap and ssc both. I have recently got my hands on a meh dai and love it. I’m still to post pictures of the same on my social media. You can use a Meh dai from one months of age till toddler hood or beyond.

These are the basic carriers that I understand very well and shared my knowledge on the same with you people. If you still have any doubts. Feel free to leave in a comment below – I would be happy to answer them.

So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited and would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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