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Vegan Tofu Wrap

I have been obsessed with healthy food = vegan food since some months. I am loving the healthy lifestyle I have chosen and I keep trying new stuff whenever possible. Some days back, I also went to attend a breads and spreads class and learnt how to make gluten free, lentil breads and more. Once I try the recipes, I will share with you people.

But for now I made the yummiest wrap ever and it was super guilt free, tasty, vegan and jain.



For the Wraps:

  • Brown Rice flour – 2 cups. ( I used white rice )
  • Salt

For the filling:

  • About 400 grams Tofu
  • Veggies of your choice – I used red, yellow, green bell peppers, tomato, cucumber, baby corn, cabbage.
  • Cashew Cream – Blend cashews with some water and salt. You may need some 25 cashews.
  • Home made chilli sauce- you can use one available at the market too. (Recipe Coming soon)




  • In a pan, stir fry all veggies except tomatoes and cucumber without oil. Add some salt while stir frying.
  • Once the veggies are sautéed, add Tofu, garam masala.


Wrap Covers:

  • Make a dough of the brown rice flour with warm water and salt.
  • Roll out rotis from the dough using ur hands or rolling pin – whichever way you are comfortable.
  • Cook like a normal roti.


  • Spread the chilli sauce on to the rotis.
  • Fill it with the filling and put some cashew cream on it.
  • Roll it like a wrap and enjoy.


How do you find this recipe?

Tag me on Instagram or Facebook @foreversassymommy if you use this recipe or simply send me a dm. This will simply motivate me and keep me going.




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Free Play and It’s Importance

“He keeps playing by himself”, “He is a sweet boy, doesn’t make much trouble”, “He is independent”, is what I often hear people say about my little boy. People wonder what makes him so independent and play all by himself.

If you have been following me closely, you might have noticed how much free play time I give my son. He loves exploring his new world and playing by himself. He has his own way of exploring and finding things that keep him busy and well as independent.


Importance of Free Play

As a parent, I completely believe in free play and I am going to tell you why. Listed below are some benefits of free play on children

1} Builds creativity

With a structured education at school, children find very less time to play and explore as they wish. This kills their imagination skills. Encouraging free play in children helps improve imagination skills, and increase creativity.

2} Explore the world

It is very important that children explore their surroundings and interact with their world. Giving enough free play time to your little one helps him interact with his surroundings and explore the real world.

3} Enhances decision making skills

To survive in the real world, it is very important to learn the skill of decision making. It is a practical skill that every child should learn. Children spending time in free play have better decision making skills than those who do not.

4} Conquer fear

Children always develop fear for a thing that is not known or explored by them. So is the principle of fear in the real world. In order to make your children conquer fear and build self-confidence, encourage as much as possible free play in his daily routine.

5} Increases physical activity

Children need to be physically active to stay fit and healthy. Free play increase physical activity and makes your child healthy and active. Free play also helps reduce weight in children who are overweight and obese.

6} Social and emotional development

You may be surprised to know that free play improves social and emotional development in children. It helps children understand relationship values between family and friends.

7} Helps resolve conflicts with other children

Free play when done along with friends, teaches children to work in groups. Additionally, it also teaches children to share and resolve conflicts among themselves.

Moreover I feel completely relaxed as I am not burdened with making things prepared for activities for him which may survive merely for 5 minutes.

What are your thoughts on free play? Let me know in the comments below.


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Benefits of yoga and meditation on our mind

I have always been a chubby girl and gaining weight is like a cake walk for me lol. in my pregnancy too, I gained a whooping weight of 20 kgs and I was sure to reduce it after my delivery.

50 days post delivery I started yoga with a very trained and well experienced yoga guru. She helped me gain all the energy and positiveness through her training. In the beginning our aim was to gain strength, calm my self and get fit than loosing weight. Weight loss happened as a bonus. Her training included yoga asanas and meditation.

I gained immense strength both mental and physical through yoga – which  was much needed with an infant.

Yoga and meditation are the two forms of ancient Indian tradition, which emphasizes on a holistic approach to achieve proper coordination between the mind, body and soul to achieve the good values of life and lead a life full of exuberance and vitality.

Yoga and meditation has been associated with each other from the beginning. Both work together to achieve the goal of ultimate unity of the mind-body and soul, which is also referred to as a condition of everlasting happiness. Meditation and Yoga, teaches us ways to detach from the surrounding, both physically and otherwise, which ultimately results in a balance of emotional makeup. When this happens an ultimate calmness sets in, it develops a positive perspective and approach that grants amazing benefits to our body in both physical and mental ways.

Yoga and Meditation- its connection with our Mental Health

Yoga and meditation are phsycology – the practicing of which helps us understand and work with the nature of the mind, the nature of being a human, how emotions and thoughts shelter in our mind, and how they affect the our behaviour.

When we all talk about yoga, we talk about its many physiological benefits like increase in
flexibility and decrease in stiffness of muscles and much more. Very rarely do we ever mention about its many mental, psychological, and cognitive benefits. There has been many studies and researches done to assess the effectiveness of yoga and meditation for brain and mental health—-and the results has come back promising.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of practicing yoga on our mind:

 Boosts memory and improves concentration

We all have gone through phases of lack of concentration and focus on our day to day tasks. Dharana, a yogic form is practiced for concentration, and is a perfect way to clear mind and control and calm our senses. Meditation teaches us to remove all sorts of static noises from our mind and focus. This helps you to remember things, concentrate better, and perform to
the optimum.

 It helps with anxiety and depression

Involving activities like relaxation, meditation, exercising and socializing, yoga has always
been helpful in reducing depression and anxiety. It has all been possible with yoga by
regulating human stress response mechanism. With capabilities of reducing blood pressures and heart rate and thereby improving respiration, yoga provides the means to deal with anxiety and depression without the aid of nay medication.

 Helps improves your psychological/mental well-being

We often have feelings of carrying excess burdens on our shoulder, feeling highly stressed and tensed. With yogic practice you can definitely throw away those unhealthy feelings. Yoga forms involves concentration on breath and body, that aids soothing of mind and relieve worries. With discharge of stress, tension and psychological burdens one is free of any negative elements and finds optimum psychological health.

 It helps reduce the effects of traumatic experiences

Many among us go through some certain tragic episodes in life like, physical abuses, severe medical conditions or military combats that goes on to develop conditions of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the ones who suffer from this mental illness frequently experiences nightmares and flashbacks, to name a few of the symptoms. A form of yoga, known as the Hatha Yoga, shown to be effective in reducing PTSD symptoms. Yoga and meditation has shown considerable improvements in people against the ravages of traumaticexperiences.

A Yogic Diet Based on Ayurvedic Principles for Mental Health

A yogic diet practice in applying Ayurvedic principles to keep our body nourished and our mind clear. Most vegetables,  fruits, legumes, and whole grains are considered sattvic, meaning good for mind and body and in contrast foods like onions, meat, and garlic and rajasic foods like coffee, hot peppers, and salt are considered to increase dullness or hyperactivity, and hence to be avoided.

Here are a few principle on which yogic diets are based on:

  •  A yogic diet should be Sattvic (an all vegan diet believed to calm and purify the mind,
    enabling it to function at its maximum potential)
  •  Should be vegan.
  •  Should be free of chemicals and stimulants.
  •  Should contain fresh foods.
  •  Should be at regular intervals, two hours before asana practice or sleep.
  •  Should take out time to practice ashanas and time to fast.


After Knowing this immense benefits that yoga has on our mind and soul, I am sure to start practising it again. what do you think about it?

Do you feel stressed, worried and physically ill? Then Yoga and mediation is for you.


This article is shared by

Dietician and Founder Member – Diet Clinic
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Practicing since 2005 as a registered dietician under IDA, Sheela Seharawat is the founding member and chief mentor of Diet Clinic, operating around buy gabapentin 300 mg 35 outlets successfully all over the country.

A motivational speaker, an expert dietician and a strong believer of healthy and motivated living, she has transformed the lives of many through her breakthrough diets and inspiration on living a healthy life. Another feather is added to the name of Diet Clinic Health Care as the esteemed magazine and organization “ Silicon India Start Up City” has recognized and awarded “Diet Clinic” in their annual listing of “10 Best Startups in Fitness, 2017”. She started her career in the Indian Army hospital as a dietitian and her journey in health and fitness starts from here and still she is serving the people and believe to offer the best guidance on health and wellness.

Sheela always says – ‘Let Your Diet Work for You’. She aims to spread the message of
wellness and the art of dieting through her clinics across various parts of the globe. Ms.
Sheela Seharawat dedication work towards spreading healthy lifestyle awareness among the mass is commendable and she keeps on providing relentless services to fitness and health relevantly.

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The Goodness of Nature in a Bottle – by Amway

Today, owing to hectic lifestyle people lead, being health conscious has become the latest mantra. I try my best to keep myself fit and healthy. Lately, following veganism is the healthiest choice I have made for life. During these past few months I have noticed the benefits of leading a vegan lifestyle are immense.

For a long and sustainable life, you must take all measures to keep fit and healthy. It is not only necessary to look good outside, but also essential to take care of your internal health too.

Most of us ignore our body from the inside. You may look healthy on the outside, but have poor internal health. Check your vitamin levels through diagnostic tests to check if you are fit internally. If you are vitamin deficient and require nutritional supplements, you may take proper measures. I would always support finding good and right food to clear out all deficiencies. Food is medicine.

Click here to try some healthy yet delicious vegan recipes

But for some reason you can’t have enough of healthy food or it’s really difficult for you to eat those natural food then Amway can become your partner that would provide you with all nutritional solutions.


I am saying this because recently I had attended an interactive and enlightens session by Amway and there I learnt the immense Benefits of Amway’s Nutrilite Supplements.

Sharing below some benefits of Amway Nutrilite Traditional Herbs Range, which sets them apart from other brands in the market.

1} Catered for the Indian Market

Taking on to the prime minister’s “Make in India” initiative, Amway has indigenously developed its nutritional supplements for Indian consumers. With the manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, Amway ensured nationwide reach to all its consumers.

2} Seed to supplement approach:

Amway manufactures all its products on the seed to supplement approach. They have stringent processes that consists of several quality checks which in turn ensures the right procedure is followed in product manufacturing.

s3} Maintains high safety, purity and potency standards:

Amway manufactures its products based on 3 foundation pillars which are purity, safety and potency. To maintain purity, Amway Nutrilite ensures growing, harvesting, and processing plants only in certified organic farms. To ensure safety, Nutrilite products are extensively formulated, researched, and tested before reaching out to its customers. Good manufacturing products are followed to ensure quality, proper identification, and safety on consumers.
The active ingredients and Non-GMO range help determine the potency standards of Amway Nutrilite. These herbal supplements are prepared through certified Non-GMO sources to ensure safety and protect from health hazards. These supplements are prepared from active ingredients that are extracted directly from traditional herbs, thereby promising complete efficacy of the product.

Product Range of Amway Nutrilite Supplements:

The Amway Nutrilite Herbal Supplements mainly comprise of 4 products namely:

• Nutrilite Brahmi
• Nutrilite Amalaki
• Nutrilite Tulsi
• Nutrilite Ashwagandha

These nutritional supplements come in bottles containing 60 tablets in each variant. Priced at INR 649, these herbal supplements are compliant to Food and Safety Standards, and Nutraceutical Regulations.

These herbal supplements are completely safe to consume and do not have any side effects as claimed by the brand. Amway is known to have helped millions of people with its dietary and vitamin supplements. If you haven’t started using them yet, bring home a pack of these beneficial nutritional supplements, and you may see the difference.

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E is for Education – How the concept of education kept changing for me over the years.

The concept of education kept altering for me as I grew. From a kid to a college student, from a teacher to a parent, the idea of education kept changing.

As a child education was more about absorbing and transcribing. Learning concepts by heart and omitting it in the paper. Believe me I hated this concept and for all my school life I only loved Mathematics and at a later stage English. The reason for this was both these subjects were practical.

I was sure to take up commerce for the love of accounts and management subjects. I love them today also. According to me they are too practical and application based. So, as a college student education was more about gaining and applying my knowledge.

I became a teacher and this made me realise what education was in schools in India. Believe me, in most Indian schools Education is all about getting literate. Examination and its result is the most important part of education. If a school doesn’t have good results, it doesn’t have good education. Though many schools focus on co-curricular activities too but the focus is results (read Grade 10 results). While, I was teaching, I registered for CIDTT program and there I was educated that the concept of examination is not even required. Well, I can do a complete post on this now 😬. But let me tell you in short that exam is not the only way education can be tested for the simple reason education is more than just concept learning.

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Until, I read more about the Waldorf curriculum and understood it deeply (I am still learning), I always thought education was all the above. But thankfully, I was introduced to Waldorf curriculum which says education is the holistic development of a child. Education must be with heart, hand and the head. It must be with soul, body and mind.

Our highest endeavour must be
to develop free human beings
who are able of themselves to impart
purpose and direction to their lives.
The need for imagination,
a sense of truth and
a feeling of responsibility—
these three forces are the very nerve of education.”
― Rudolf Steiner

I have attempted to write a small poem on education. Kindly bear with me it’s my first attempt in my life.

The concept of education is different for each one. This is obvious. Sharing here what education means to me.


It is more than getting literate,

It’s about enjoying childhood

It is more than degrees,
it’s about enjoying adulthood

Its above grades,
it’s about loving what you do
It’s more powerful than competition,
it’s about living it real

It goes beyond reading books,
it’s about telling stories
Its more than learning rhymes,
it’s about singing songs

Its a broad concept,
done by the heart, hand and mind


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What keeps me going as a mother? (Mother’s Day Special)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but the feelings shared are my own. 


Until I became a mom myself, Mother’s Day was just about gifting my mother something and nothing more than that.

Now that I am a mother for almost 2 years now, I have realised that motherhood is a real job and nothing in the world can pay for it. Mother’s Day is just a way to make all the mothers very special and not just about gifting things and celebrating. There is so much more to a being a mother.

Pregnancy brings in motherhood. That motherly feeling came to me as soon as I conceived. I enjoyed it thoroughly through my pregnancy.

The real mommy experience came in when I delivered my little boy. And, Oh Man! It’s not easy at all, but a mom still gets going.

I have a list of things to do in my head but I do nothing and sit besides my son and play with him. I haven’t deep cleaned my house for 21 months now. Yes, normal cleaning keeps going. I feel I have to do so much in life but I am just stuck but I still keep going. Why?

What is that lets a mommy keep going in spite of all the odds.

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1. Morning cuddles and smiles:

When he wakes up calling mumma/ papa, the happiness is very different. There are days when we are sleepy, and we are like “beta soja”. But most days he makes us feel beautiful with his overloaded cuteness.

2. The twinkling eyes when I breastfeed:

Those eyes when I breastfeed him has a different spark. This is one thing that keeps me going to breastfeed him at 21 months old too. I am very happy about it except on our bad days when he does not want anything in the world but only wants to be breastfed. But let me share those bad days have almost gone now, and he hardly does this now.

3. Those kiss and hugs:

Who doesn’t like kisses and hugs? And when it’s from a little munchkin, it’s all the more sweeter. Those lip to lip kisses makes my day especially when I am having a hard day.

4. Memories that we collect:

Witnessing his milestones is a pleasure to the eyes. Making memories with my little boy has been my favourite thing. Recently we were twining in our tees from BonOrganik. When I look back at the videos and pictures, it’s fun. Now even he enjoys seeing his videos.

5. Virtual moms:

It’s not only this little man who has helped me kept going, but there are many other people too. These virtual mommy friends have been the most important part of my life. They are there to hear me out whenever needed, and they are there to solve my problems in seconds. So yes, they have helped me keep going.

6. How badly I wanted him:

This is the most important thing that fights all the odds. How badly I wanted him. I have waited for 22 months to conceive him and that time wasn’t easy but I passed through that and I know this will also pass to soon (read bad days).

Likewise, there are so many small little things each day that brings a smile on my face and help me keep going. Mothering is tough but it is beautiful.

I am sure you would agree to me if you are a mom. 

What keeps you going as a mom?


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Dad – A Forgotten Hero

Most often, a mom is given all the weight after giving birth to the baby, in fact, from the period she conceives. I have a very different ideology. I always feel it’s we who got pregnant and not alone me. If I was to become a mother, he was to become a dad.

Gone are those days when dads were just breadwinners for the family. Now, Dads are more to it. They play a role of a dad just as mom would. But, the sad part is dads are often neglected and moms are given all the importance.

My husband is a part of our daily routine with my son. He plays with him, he bathes him, he feeds him food and much more.

I see him living the way just as I would with my son with some differences obviously because our parenting styles differ in some aspects.

Today I want to take this opportunity note down what all my husband, #MrKs dad did/ does for us. (This will also make me less angry on him when we have a mini war )


  1. He was a super hero throughout my pregnancy. He took utmost care of me and in return he received love.
  2. When I decided to go for a C-Section, he was by my side and gave me strength and will power. 
  3. After delivery, when I came home he was too careful about my health, sleep – much needed after giving birth. He helped me soothe the baby and burped him too. 
  4. After some months of my delivery, I wanted to meet my girl gang and he was there to take the role of a dad. In fact, he knows I love playing garba – so he was back home early for all 9 days. #playingdadrole 
  5. He takes him to the doctors or accompanies us for vaccination. On our bad days gives him medicines and massages him for relaxation too. He chops his nails too. (Now don’t you judge me on what I do then – In that case, you must visit me for a day LOL)
  6. Each Sunday that’s when he has an off, he takes him out and plays with him to his heart’s content. I’m a free bird when he has an off. 

And people say dads don’t do anything. Don’t mind even I have said that at times but that’s only the hormone making me say that . I know he does much more than expected and we love him for what he does for us. 

Dont you think all dads out there earn that love and respect? Share your thoughts on this in the comments below. Would love to hear from you.

So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited and would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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Cashew Cheese – The simplest recipe for making cheese #VeganCheese

I have always been a chubby girl and food control was the only way which helped me stay fit (read lean). I Never ate more than 20 cashews in a year because people told me that cashew gives rise to cholesterol and its fattening and things like that.

When I turned in to vegan, I was educated by people that cholesterol is produced by liver and cashews don’t have any liver  to produce any cholesterol. Now I eat cashews without any fear and relish them. Please note, one must not have more than 10 nuts in a day.

Here I present to you my favourite guilt free vegan cashew cheese:

Its the simplest thing to make. Even a person who has never cooked can make it easily. It requires no cooking.

What you will need:

One cup of cashews

One cup of water

A blender


Soak Cashews in water for 3 hrs to 8 hrs depending on the time you have. soaking 3 hours will also do fine.

Remove water from the cashews and blend it with little to no water. (use as less as possible )

What you get is called the cashew cream. To turn in to a cheese, put the cream in glass jar or bowl and let it ferment for 8 to 10 hours depending on the climate.

P:S – Use a large bowl or jar, otherwise you will see all the fermented cheese coming out of the jar.

After some hours you would see net kind of thing in the cream, thats a sign your cheese is ready.

Add salt as required and tadaa your cheese is ready.

You can keep the cheese and cream in the refrigerator for 8 days.

Isn’t this super cool?

I use this cheese in pizzas, sandwiches, pastas and for salad dressing.

Will you like to give this a try? What would you use this cheese for?


So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited and would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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Which baby carrier should I buy? – Confused?

I have been a baby wearing mom since #MrK was 10 days old and absolutely love it. I attended the Mumbai sling libraries baby wearing meet when I was pregnant and even wrapped my pregnant belly. With this you must know how crazy I’m about baby wearing.

I tried to understand almost all types of carries in that meet but frankly a single meet isn’t enough plus I didn’t have my baby also to try the carriers. Though the meet up was a big help as it helped me understand the fabric and a lot of other stuff. I was left with a lot of confusion on what to buy. I thought of sharing with you on what to buy and at what age since a lot of you pm me asking about it. Please note this a non sponsored post.

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There are various types of baby carriers and each has its own uniqueness and comfort. It’s difficult to say one is the most comfortable than the other.

Let me share the different types of carriers:

1. Hybrid wrap :

The first carrier that I bought was a hybrid wrap after doing a lot of research and chewing many peoples brain (read team Mumbai sling library Yaman and Rashmi). This wrap has a stretchy tee- shirt type fabric which makes it very easy for you to wrap the baby and you need it Coz you are a beginner with a tiny squish. The stretchy fabric gives you the comfort to make good hood for the baby when asleep – most of the times they sleep when worn. The fabric is airy and suits all the climate. It’s extremely breathable and light in weight. It can turn into a blankie when not worn. So I would suggest this to people who want to wear their new born babies. I wore my son when he was 10 days old in a beautiful hybrid wrap by Anmol baby carriers. I miss wearing him in the hybrid now.

Please ignore my looks – I was a new mommy.

2. Ring sling:

This was the second carrier I bought. Personally I felt it was the most stylish slings of all. I was attracted to it. If you learn how to wear this comfortably, it will become your go to carrier as it’s really very easy to wear and undo it. It is suitable for new born up to 16-18 months depending on the weight of your child. I loved feeding MrK at home in the sling when he didn’t sleep otherwise.

3. Wrap:

A beautiful piece of fabric to wrap your baby. Again this is suitable from newborn to 3-4 years. I have seen the Mumbai sling library girls wearing their babies in the wrap at 4 years too. Wearing a new born in a wrap isn’t very easy – you need to learn it well. But it’s a good investment if you are sure you are going to wear your baby for long.

4. SSC/ Full Buckle:

SSC is used by most moms because it simply becomes too easy to wear your baby and undo them in it. Different brands have different age criteria for using the SSC. The basic starts at 4 months with an infant seat – you can use rolled towels too. This was my go to carrier simply because of the ease it gave me. There are different fabric like linen, wrap converted, canvas and more. You will have to check well as per brand which to go for or you can simply dm me if you would like any help buying it.

5. Meh – Dai

This is one beautiful innovation for moms who are not comfortable with the wrap. It’s a mid way carrier between the ssc and the wraps. It has straps like the ssc but these have to to be tied/wrapped as per your comfort. So it gives the comfort of the wrap and ssc both. I have recently got my hands on a meh dai and love it. I’m still to post pictures of the same on my social media. You can use a Meh dai from one months of age till toddler hood or beyond.

These are the basic carriers that I understand very well and shared my knowledge on the same with you people. If you still have any doubts. Feel free to leave in a comment below – I would be happy to answer them.

So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited and would love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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Almond – Anjir Milk #veganrecipes

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I have been a vegan recently and in love with vegan food. I keep trying new recipes and I want to share many many with you.

I never ever liked normal milk. I always added dry fruits to make it sweet. I missed this dryfruit shake when I turned a vegan but nothing is impossible and I got the same taste in a vegan milk. Today I’m going to share with you my favourite almond anjir (fig) milk recipe.

I tried this recipe by chance. My kimiya dates were out of stock and I wanted to sweeten my milk and I tried it with anjir and loved it.

Recipe 1:


For 1 cup of milk you need 5 almonds but if you have a smaller sized almonds you may take more.

I like the milk to be little so add up two Anjirs (fig) – it would be best to add soak the anjir (fig) for an hour or so before using it.  but if you forget and have a good blender it may work otherwise too.

One cup of water. now if you want to have warm milk add up warm water or just normal water.


Its the simplest ever. Just add up all the three ingredients and blend it until smooth.

N viola!!! you are done.

Thats the way I like to do it.

Recipe 2:


5 almonds

2 anjirs

1 cup of water.

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In this case you would first make the milk. So add 5 almonds with a cup of water and blend it until you get the milk consistency.

Next step is to strain the milk using a cheese cloth. This will give you nice, creamy pure almond milk, this can be used in anything and everything that requires milk.

Now add up anjir and almond milk in to your blender and further blend to. break the anjirs.

And Tadaa! Your almond anjir milk is ready.


So, this post is a part of the #blogchatterA2Z challenge. I am going to write for the entire month of April and yes its my first time. I am totally excited bt I dont know how far will I go. I don,t have a theme as most of the participants but if you want me to write something specific let me know. But I am going to try bringing in more of Vegan recipes.

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