Christmas is around the corner, and we see Christmas trees and Santa Claus all around us. I have really enjoyed Christmas parties in school and societies as a kid. Those wafers and cake parties were so much fun.

Christmas brings in Santa memories along. I still remember one of our school teacher who always dressed up as a Santa and came to surprise us with chocolates and stuff. It was so much fun. We made Christmas trees, invitation cards for our society parties. We loved decorating the society with balloons, ribbons and so much more. While I write this I get the idea of reviving the childhood memories once again but this time with our toddlers.

Christmas is the festival which gives you space to express ur creativity be it decorating the xmas tree or baking cup cakes & packing gifts for ur loved ones.

Author Kajal Dharod has come up with one such beautiful and creative book called ‘All about Christmas’. The book is illustrated by Abba Kamthe. The book is from the team Your Learning Capsules with the primary goal to create love towards learning in the formative years of children, trying to ensure that they do not perceive it as a burden.

All about Christmas is an engaging story and activity book.

The book includes the following:

The story of the first Christmas (Nativity Story)

The story of Santa Claus

The tales of the evergreen Christmas trees.

Each story/chapter is followed by an activity and more.

This is so apt for kids, especially ones who don’t like reading much.  If they know there are some activities coming ahead based on their reading, it automatically creates interest in reading. I followed this principle while I was teaching in school, I had seen non readers turned into readers.

The book is made of nice thick photocopy paper of good quality. It has more than 30 activities and over 400 stickers, paper craft cutouts. An exclusive interview with Santa Claus. Kids learn and have fun at the same time using the book.

Since K is too young to do the activities in the book, we gave the book to his brother Jiyan and here is the review.

Jiyan loves reading. When his Mumma shared with him that I had sent a book for him, he got absolutely excited. Inspite of having a tiring day he sat with the book and started reading and doing the activity until he actually slept with book besides him. Kids are really funny but this might give you a gist on how engaging the book was that he actually didn’t wanted to leave it.

He absolutely loved reading and learning about Christmas. The best part was the the interview with Santa Claus.

The book is one of the best gift you can give to kids around you this Christmas. It costs Rs. 349 or $7.49. you can buy the book hereThis absolute value for money.

Go ahead book one for your kids; your brother, sisters or friends kids and become their Santa this Christmas.

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