A Mom’s Nostalgia

Pregnancy was the most beautiful episode of my life. Being a new mom was yet again a  pleasing experience.

Parenthood is one toughest hood of life. But there are times when a dad or mom would feel nostalgic about being a parent.

Times when I become nostalgic about my early motherhood phase.

I know its not been many years but only few months since MrK was born but I miss those times when he was in my womb or a new born.

1. Seeing a pregnant mommy, reminds me of the most beautiful phase of my life and yes, I feel like getting pregnant again.

2. A baby wearing mom with a tiny baby makes me sentimental and reminds me when I wore my boy and took long walks everyday.

3. Crawling babies are the cutest. I want to see MrK crawling again.

4. The most beautiful part of being a new mom is breastfeeding. Though, MrK is not weaned but we no more have long sessions of breastfeeding.

5. When a tiny baby tries to creep or glide, it makes me emotional.

6. When a mom struggles to make her baby sleep, I want to tell her hold on, this phase is going to be for a short time, love each moment.

7. Now, I am little crazy, but I miss those cute bums with cloth diapers too as we are in our under pants most of the time.

8. A sleeping baby is the warmest thing. When I see a tiny baby sleep for hours, I want to go and eat them up.

9. When I felt my pregnant friends kicks, I wanted my Sonshine to go back into my tummy and kick.

So to all the pregnant moms and new moms, I know early motherhood ain’t easy but hold on to that time. Soon you will be nostalgic about it.

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14 thoughts on “A Mom’s Nostalgia”

  1. Just a few days back, I was seeing my daughter’s pictures when she was a toddler, and a surge of emotions passed through my heart. I just wanted her to be small again so i could cradle her in my arms. This is such a heart warming post.

  2. Nice thoughts, Jinal. My kids are growing up too fast for me and my wife’s liking. Whenever we look at their old photos, we feel a deep sense of longing to go back in time and be with the babies 🙂

  3. Your mention about “Crawling babies” reminded me of the time when my dad expressed his struggle to get me crawling as he wanted to preserve the memory of me crawling….But as it goes it was a real struggle for him cause i used to get on my feet directly from my sitting position taking support of my hand! So i never crawled 😛

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